California dreamin

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  1. How are you southern California guys and girls liking this rain today? This is the first rain I've seen since moving here in the spring. I love it, it's so relaxing and cool out.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It does not rain here enough
  3. i WAS FREEZING!! last year this time, it was still hot, I hate wearing pants and close toed shoes .....
    I guess it is time to switch out our closets and bring out the socks- so sad, no more flip flops and dresses,
  4. Today it was chilly out. It made me miss the midwest autumn weather which is where I moved from. It looks like the rest of the week will be in the 80's and 90's here in the San Fernando Valley though...
  5. I like it but its drizzling, I wish it would rain more. Can't wait to bust out the jackets.
  6. i'm glad the rain here lasted like 6 hours. i personally hate it.

    it's foggy far too often in the summer, so gray skies aren't any kind of a change of pace, or relief to me. i'm all about sun. even during the winter, i don't care if it's cold(ish) out, hell even if it were 20 degrees, i'd want it to be sunny. sun 365 days a year i say! lol i guess i'm in the right state ;) not the right PART of it though...
  7. I just went through this thread again, and although I know CA isn't for everyone, I really find it sad that some posts talked about how they were annoyed that people would talk to them in public and they had to be "nice" instead of rude. Everyone should be so lucky that someone says a kind word to them daily -- this applies everywhere, not just CA!
  8. Having lived in Norcal for 32 years before transplanting to Washington state, this is not true. It is more like a 'Don't confuse us with LA', we have our own identity. Northern California, outside of SF, is more conservative, agricultural, rural, small-town, etc. There are often jokes that Northern California & Southern California should actually be 2 separate states because they have totally different vibes & political environments.
  9. How was your visit? Hope it was great. I visited family & Sac & Rancho back in July. Just love all the great food there & can't help visiting Rick's dessert diner when I'm in Sacramento. And I couldn't believe how much Roseville has grown up, Wow. Our 1st house was actually just north in Yuba City. We'd probably still be there if it weren't for a very good job change for my husband. We have other family up in the Gorge (OR) that we also visit occasionally.
  10. I loved the rain yesterday! I moved to the San Fernando Valley a couple of months ago from the bay area and it was so nice to get a break from the heat.
  11. I loved the rain yesterday. It was so cool and refreshing. I also love waking up the day after rain and the air seems so fresh.
  12. I'm from LA, but I moved to norCal to be w/ my boyfriend. I definitely miss LA and plan to move back within a year or so. I love having been from there as I know where everything is, the great food, the great warm beaches, the awesome weather.. everything!
  13. I was born and raised in CA (LA area-woodland hills) and I hated it growing up. Sure, there are interesting things to do...but, I got so tired of everyone trying to be a star, etc. I moved to Texas and now Im moving back to CA after law school because despite the star-mania that goes on there, it is a great quality of life. There are things to do, good doctors, places to travel to, shops, ocean, etc. Back to CA I go this December.