Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. I paid quite a bit over retail for my Rose twiggy (but it is in excellent condition), and even more for my Eggplant city (also in great condition), and I'm happy with that. I don't mind paying over retail if it is a past-season colour and style I want, but only if it is excellent condition – dark handles gross me out. I'd rather pay more than wait and wait and wait for a bargain that might never come around – too much stress that way.
  2. Not much and it would have to be unrestored, clean handles. The only one that I would pay big bucks for is a rose city.
  3. It completely depends on what bag it is, its condition, and rarity. I personally would rather have older, more rare bbags rather than newly produced ones, and I would be willing to pay maybe up to twice it's retail value for it rather than buying a brand new bbag for regular cost. However, if it is a current season bbag I would not be willing to pay over retail or even retail for it even if it was brand new. I would only buy it if it was a good deal...
  4. I have paid over retail for some of my bags and I would be willing to do so for one that I wanted that was in good condition. I desperately want a magenta city, but I cannot pay over retail for a bag that will need work done to it. I did pay a little more for my rouge theater and my sky blue. I would willingly pay more for most any of the '05 colors. Condition is of more importance to me than the price.

    From what I have seen, b-bags hold their resell value a LOT better than LV does and I've paid a LOT for LV bags that are now sitting in my closet! :shame: I agree, its all in what its worth to YOU. Just realize you may not be able to get that amount back if you try and resell it.
  5. depends on the bag, seller, condition, rarity and my desire for it......if all those collide...a few hundred above retail
  6. I am in fact too scared of ebay so I stick with the newer colors.
    But I think I would pay 900$ max, I'm just not that much into used bags.
  7. For those of you who have sold your bags on much money, on average, are you losing when you sell your Bbags?

    I know they hold value well and some colors are more coveted/harder to find on eBay than others, but I just wanted to get an idea of how much I might lose if I sell a bag that I buy in the future that just might not work for me. I'm not looking to profit, just want to know what my cost will be.

  8. I wouldn't mind paying more for the bag of my dreams....IF it was in excellent condition! Dark handles, though.....ewww
  9. after all its "only money" eh?
  10. I lose on average $100.00 - sometimes a little more. But heh, it beats "renting" a purse from that renta purse place (I don't even think they offer Balenciaga anyway) - i don't mind really - for the privilege of owning that beauty even for a little while.
  11. I JUST bought an Apple Green Twiggy on ebay, and paid a little over $1500. It's in perfect pristine condition. I honestly can not see a scuff on it, no dirtiness or scuffing on the corners, etc.
    Now, all i have right now are ebay pics, but from what i gather from here, tedstar2001 is a trustworthy seller. :yes::heart:
    Anyway, so yes, i would pay over retail for a bag that i absolutely love and feel like i "need".
  12. I agree with rocco! The loss in value is worth it to me. I buy plenty of things that cost up to $3-400 and have $0 resale value and don't bring me as much joy as a nice designer bag. Loss of $1-300 value upon resale of a bbag is a small price to pay IMO. I actually don't plan to resell most of mine, so any resale value I can eventually eek out is all gravy!
  13. bal--it depends a lot on color, style and condition. I don't think there's a hard and fast rule. If you search completed auctions for that color, you can get a fairly good idea.
  14. I would say by the time you pay any auction or paypal fees, you'll probably take a hit of around 20-25% off of retail. Now, if the bag you have is sold-out and popular, then you could maybe re-coup the full price. It just depends.
    It's unfortunate, but it doesn't seem that the secondary market is being good to the '06 bags...too much concern about variability in the leather, I think.

    Of course, prior season bags are a different story, and that is well-documented in other threads.

  15. For prior season bags in popular colors, you can even look to make a profit in some cases if you're lucky :P