Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. CeeJay, very astute and true! When I see a thread about resale values, I always wonder to myself..."Am I buying this because I love it or because of the resale value?" Because if it is the latter than it isn't worth the money, in my opinion. I buy bags to wear them...I am not a collector so whether a bag will be worth tons later on doesn't appeal to me....
  2. I'm with you there. CeeJay, that was a great point you made! Also, I could drive myself crazy thinking about now AND later when deciding on a bag, so I live for the moment with them!
  3. balenciaga has a cult following and they've got such die hard collectors for rare colors and styles, i've never seen anything like it. i think that's why. balenciaga is a genius when it comes to these bags.
  4. i know the b-bag obession has taken all the ladies in here by storm but how much do you ladies will pay for a second hand discontinued bbag from auctions such as ebay?

    sometime i think it is outragous that some bbags auctioned on ebay cost more than the retial price. or is it because of the discountinued colors that make ppl want to have it even if its over the retail price?
  5. it's more than just a discontinued color... although that is a huge part of it. some of the older seasons have different leather that people (inc. myself) really adore!

    however, I won't personally pay very much over retail for any bag, no matter how coveted/rare/perfect it is. I'd pay like 200-300 over retail for a rare prior season excellent condition bag.
  6. I have been looking on ebay for my first B-bag and trying to decide the same thing. I would be willing to pay more if it was a great color and great condition. What shocks me is the sellers who want more for a past bag that is not in great condition. Handles that are darkened quite a bit in my opinion would lower the resale value of a bag no matter what the color. So starting the price above retail for a bag like that seems not quite right. I personally wouldn't pay $1400 for a bag with nasty handles that can't be fixed with out a re-dye.
  7. I think it's fair to say that most "vintage", desireable, past-season bags that go scads over retail are in pristine or excellent condition. The exception might be the odd flat-brass or first/second/third season First's or City's that have gone way over, simply because it's so rare they come up for auction.

    I agree that paying way over retail for a bag that isn't in great condition seems a poor choice. And I'm not talking about a little fading or minor scuffs, I'm talking smelly-cat and major dirt, chunks missing, etc., something that looks like it's been run over twice by a semi. Long-term value is still contingent on condition, in the collectors market.
  8. I paid $1450 (incl. shipping) for my rose twiggy off ebay recently.
    It's in excellent condition, except for cut tassles and one light scruff mark at the bottom of the bag. There were no funny smells or dark handles, so I thought it was a reasonable price for a discontinued color that has got great leather :P
  9. Absolutely.
  10. Pyrexia congrates on your new purchase.

    bbag definately holds onto its value but not as much as our obsessions with their bags :P
  11. Thank you! :yes:
  12. If you want it bad enough it doesnt matter what the cost is as long as it makes you happy. It doesnt matter what others would or wouldnt pay for a bag. I want a Calcaire City and I know what I would pay for it, maybe others wouldnt spend what I would, it just depends. If its worth it to YOU, thats all that matters.
  13. Well said, Donna!
  14. ITA Donna! :yes:
    I think the pricce is more personal preference (and well, financial limits too, LOL) than anything else.
  15. I never pay more than retail cost for a pre-loved bag. If I wanted the color or leather that badly... I might pay a bit over retail but I do have limits. I do agree with Oh Donna! If you want it that badly though, the sky's the limit.