Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. Has anyone noticed that balenciaga bags are not selling on Ebay? I just did a completed search, and it did not look good. Does not bode well for me or my bordoux (sp) twiggy. :sad:

    Why do you think that is? Does anyone know of any other avenue to sell a balenciaga bag? I can justify one b-bag, but not two. Especially since we had furniture destroyed in our relocation. :Push:
  2. They seem to sell but not generally for market price unless it's something REALLY hard to find and coveted. Why take the risk on Ebay if you can get it somewhere else and not worry?
  3. I think if it's a rare color then it will go higher than retail. Otherwise they seem to be maybe $100 or so below retail if in good condition.
  4. I recently had two similar bags on eBay. One sold for more than retail and the other went without a single bid. I'm learning that a lot of it is timing -- it depends what else is out there at the same time as yours, and it depends when your auction is scheduled to end.
  5. usually the values are lower, so it can attract more interested bidders. how bout a consignment store?
  6. It doesn't help that the sellers with fakes are raising their prices through the roof! I looked this morning and couln't believe what some of the "replica" bags are selling for (or trying to!) Consignment is a good
    idea. Good luck with the sale, the bag looks beautiful!
  7. I actually think Balenciaga has an amazing resale value on eBAY!
  8. I have had pretty good luck on ebay. I tend to list the day/hobo bag at around $699 and the city/twiggy/work bags at $899 when I am serious about selling. The selling price of my day/hobo bags was typically in the $800-900 range while the city/twiggy sales ranged from about $950-1400 depending on the color. I have sold every bag listed.
  9. Is yours the one currently on sale on ebay?
  10. No, but I have noticed that it is the second time the bag has been listed; not bids the first time around.
  11. Are members really selling their bags on E-bay? Wow, I thought that was just the myth we sold to our bf and dh so they would not stroke out when we bought them! :winkiss:

    "Don't worry sweetie, I will sell it on e-bay when I don't want it anymore":angel:
  12. haha :lol:
  13. I have looked lately and I have not been able to find ANY of the purse size Balenciagas on eBay. Are they just less commonly purchased? Or do people just hang on to them more?
  14. ugh, it posted twice. sorry!!
  15. The purse style is so hard to come by; that is why I bought the hobo style. If you want a shoulder bag, try the hobo. You will not be dissapointed!