Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. I've found that the bigger bags seem to be harder to sell, like the Work, Weekender and Couriers.

    I was able to buy an 2004 Pewter weekender for $899...that's just insane! The bag was listed for about 3-4 weeks and the seller kept lowering the price. Had it been a City, it would have gone quicker and for more money. A couple months ago there was a 2005 silver City with a SB of $1500.
  2. TOTALLY agree, I can't sell my courier to save my life. oh well.
  3. hmmmmmmmmmm, this is a bit tricky, since you just never know, but...

    best sellers = flat brass anything, pewter hardware bags, '04 & '05 bags in any style & color, and black cities

    worst sellers = couriers, s/s '06 colors in any style, pony hair bags, and bags that are badly worn, damaged or have changed color

    that's the best assessment i can give based on my experience :cutesy:

  4. OH MY GOD ... where the h@ll was I???? I must have been on Pluto or Neptune missing that one ... oh man :crybaby: :cursing: :hysteric: !!!
  5. :sad: sorry Miz CeeJay...I got it in June from LVLady99. She originally listed it at $1199 and no one made any offers. The baghunter even had it on her website talking about what a great deal it is!
  6. I agree with you on that one aaallabama.
  7. lol, ive been eyeing that rogue vif courier for some quite some time, if only my blue day bag would sell :yes:

    i find all the rectangular shapes (first, city, work, weekender) have the best resale value, i even see some s/s 06 city's selling above retail (usually ink), while every other style takes weeks to get sold off, no matter the color/year :crybaby:
  8. best for me would be 04-05 colors, like brand new condition bags
    worst would be beat up ones in any color.
  9. :confused1: Mm... why is s/s 06 colors hard to sell? sorry i'm new to bbags...what colors were in s/s 06?
  10. ^^ i took big losses on all of these :sad:

  11. is lilac & ink both s/s 06 colors?
  12. ^^ yep, but there's '04 lilac too :girlsigh:
  13. that's a good question. aaallabama, why is that is it because of the leather differences?:confused1:
  14. I purchased a black satin balenciaga evening bag for $850 or so a few years ago. I stupidly sold it on ebay. I relisted it 4 times and it eventually sold for less than $300.00. ugh. it still makes me sick to think about it. I should have just held on to it- it's the one bag i regret letting go. i plead insanity. errrrrrggghhh!
  15. People are saying S/S 06 are bad but what about A/W 06? Whats the difference?