Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. Hi....just wondering - should there be a price difference between two bbags of the same style, from the same season (S/S '06) in two different colours? I am not talking about resale prices - I mean new prices from an authorized Balenciaga-selling department store. Also, not a sale, a ticketed price.
  2. No, not that I'm aware of. The prices might vary between stores (for example the Day in Harvey Nicks costs £535, in Cricket it costs £525), but even that's pretty rare. The prices are usually uniform.
  3. Selfridges giving me the run-around? The ink first was £595 but the lilac first was £650. I asked why there was a price difference and the SA said it was b/c one was a newer colour (which is not true - per atelier.naff they are from the same season).

    ps - just noticed I spelled colour w/out the "u" in the subject - a sign of an American ex-pat! :smile:
  4. Now that is odd. They're definitely from the same season, so there's no reason for Selfridges to price them differently. How annoying!

    PS I didn't even notice! Lol - I'm a bad Brit! ;)
  5. Ugh - that is really annoying of Selfridges. I wanted to enjoy yesterday's brilliant weather so I didn't want to run around to any other stores to check what they had/prices.....but I might have to pop over to Harrod's and Harvey Nicks today.
  6. OMG when I called selfridges they told me that the firsts were £620!! That is so weird!
  7. In Germany it just varies a little bit e.g. Eickhoff 898€ for a city and Theresa is 910€ but that's the most. Weird, hmmmh
  8. Just wondering as DH would rather I buy a new one from AR rather than spending a few hundred dollars less on a used one. Is it b/c of the d/c colors or a rare color?

    It will still cost me less to order from AR and pay taxes and duty than buying one from Holt Refrew. :rant:
  9. ^^ b-bags hold their value well :tender:
  10. I think it's due to the fact that many bags from the past seasons are still so desirable. The leather was different and some of the colors are highly sought after. Also, once the color is gone, it's gone. They may make another bag with similar colors, but never the same.
  11. I think, at the same time, the higher priced bags of colors that aren't so rare (black, camel, ink, etc) lose out on buyers. It isn't worth spending near retail when you can get the bag in the department store for $150 more. That way you know exactly where you are getting the bag! Too me, no matter how much I covet a color, I am always thinking about the retail price of a bag vs. its used condition.
  12. It is pretty amazing that they do hold their value so well. Seems like they sell closer to retail than Chloe, Chanel or LV. I am always shocked by that.
  13. ^^ Me too! It's impressive. Especially the more rare ones; some have gone close to $1500!
  14. I think there's a lot of mythology surrounding Balenciaga's! They are really quite unique in terms of the range of colors available during a season, and then the fact that colors are retired, brings an element of speculation and excitement: which ones will become "collectable", and which ones won't, that kind of thing.
    Plus they are just totally awesome--I don't think there's another line out there that captures people's imaginations, quite like Balenciaga.
  15. If you think about it (and compare Balenciaga bags to the other *major* handbags - Chloe, YSL, Bottega Veneta, L/V, etc.), Balenciaga is one of the few lines that produces the bags in very unique colors. If you take Chloe bags for instance, yes ... you may have the occasional silver or bronze metallic, a pretty grenat (wine color) or maybe even a petrol (teal) color ... but look at some of the colors that Balenciaga has done - MAGENTA, APPLE GREEN, ANIS, MUSTARD YELLOW, TURQUOISE (2 separate seasons), PISTACHIO, SEAFOAM, a couple of different REDs (some bright, some less so) ...

    The variations have been pretty amazing! Notice my use of the past tense here. In my opinion, the last couple of seasons have been rather boring "color-wise" (I think most of the B-Bag "old-timers" [and I'm NOT talking age-wise here!] would agree). This is one of the reasons why many of us are seeing a glut of bags on sale at the various stores. I've been told that Balenciaga was pretty P.O.'d about this and subsequently have reduced their production significantly. This is one of the reasons why we are not seeing as many of the Rouge Vif bags (for instance) in all the different styles as in the past.

    So ... my recommendation would be that if you want a particular color from this season (e.g., Sapin, Rouge Vif, Blue India) ... you BETTER BUY IT NOW because it will likely command a pretty hefty sum a few years down the road.