Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. I've sold some bags on ebay and some on Bonz- the one Balenciaga (1K+) I've sold was on Bonanza and was a terrific experience. I have less than 100 feedback on Ebay and less than 50 feedback on Bonanza- I think it's just a matter of having a listing with as much information as possible, volunteering to provide more pictures and info as necessary, and finding a buyer who REALLY wants your bag- and there is definitely one out there! Buyer protection is the one thing that Paypal/Ebay actual does well these days, so a lot of buyers are less shy of buying something expensive from a new seller. Actually, I recently bought a Balenciaga Flat Clutch from a very new seller and it turned out to be a great transaction.
  2. So far, I really have a good turnover on both sites. Most of the bags I sold, I got my money back if not more & at the same time, got some reasonable deals. Knock on wood, I have not encountered any SCAM buyers, thank God.

    I agree, as a seller myself, ebay or Bonz, it's a great advantage & more chance to sell your bag sooner & buyer confidence if you supply as many & clear pictures on all the angles of your bag for authentication & accurate visual of the quality. as much importance as prompt communication.

    As a buyer, I really have the confidence buying from a knowlegeable seller, like the accurate color, not just say, red, blue, yellow, etc. As well as clear pictures on all the important areas, 100%+feedbacks & most of all the price.
  3. Thanks feedbackq, chloe speaks, silverfern, AJ1025, and imlvholic! Seems like it's not as hard as I thought to sell on ebay, which is nice to know but probably bad for my wallet. I always tell myself that I can sell the bag later when I desperately want a bag but can't justify the purchase. But up until now I've only sold one bag (which is not Bal). It's so hard to let them go...
  4. I agree - Pictures are most important. Imo, I've gotten bags for my S.O. on both Ebay (Managed to get a Giant Day Galet this week and its on its way!) and Bonanza and for me, the quality of the pictures gave me an 'insight' to the sort of person I was buying from. To me, the more pictures and better quality ones (usually taken with good lighting and a good camera) helps give me a good feeling about the person I'm buying from.