Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. Congrats jennifleur! :yahoo:
    Yup I've heard Tedstar is reputable, so you should be safe! :heart:
    Post pics when you get her!
  2. I have a mustard first that I paid $1000 for in a consignment store in NYC. I would have paid more if it were in better condition, but there is a stain on the back side from where the previous owners' jeans rubbed against the bag.

    That being said, I would pay a few hundred over retail for a nearly-new coveted color or style (one of the flat brass bags or discontinued styles).
  3. congrates on your apple green twiggy, i've seen the green IRL and its really sharp. very nice.

    i must be honest i never expected bbag to holds its value as much as some other brands or shall i say after hermes i think bbag comes close behind. i thought its just an 'IT' bag for couple of years but i have to admit i love the exclusivness of their bags. i can still remember when i was ringing round shops trying to locate a bbag. felt so special when i found the one i want. at the time it was really hard to find one comparing to now.
  4. Oh my, yes. :yes: If they are well-cared for, of course.
  5. ^agreed. i've been fortunate so far to pretty much break even on all my sales, or at least be very satisfied.
  6. We are an incestuous group, and I mean that in a good way -- we often sell our beloved bags to each other. Some bags have even had 3 or 4 PF owners!

    Here's my question: Which BBags -- motorcyle style -- do you think have the best and worst resale value?

    Also, which colors/leather would you pay the most for?

    Just wondering.
  7. Best- flat brass, silver hardware, 04 lilac and 04 rose, City bags in general

    Worst- anything with very dirty handles no matter what color

    Right now I would pay the most for a good condition 04 lilac, magenta or bubblegum cities.
  8. I would pay the most for the ones I really want, not just the most "coveted" ones. I don't like Seafoam, because I'm not really into pastels, so I wouldn't pay big for one unless I just was rolling in dough.

    I would pay for Rose, pre 05 Reds, older Caramel, and Marigold.

    I believe Seafoam is the end all be all for most, and costs the most, but I could be wrong.
  9. Meemie, I just spotted another Magenta City on Ebay just now. I know you missed out on another one today so I wanted to let you know.
  10. Meemie--i just saw a beautiful mint Magenta city on Ebay, looks like new condition, you might wanna check that out:smile:

    Ronda--most of 04 f/w stuff--Lilac, Rose, Marigold, Anis, Pistachio, Eggplant, Turquoise, the leather's simply yummy:smile:. my vote for worst would be alot of the 05/06 blues, break even probably ok, but doubtful if poeple can make alot of money off of them, just that blues seems to be everywhere with bbags.
  11. i think the worst is probably the pony bags.....but im biased because i just got a BRAND NEW one (with matching coin purse) for $517....and the ones on ebay never seem to sell at high prices matter what color... I think that the best resale is the older colors, especially in the city size...especially the magenta, teal, turquoise, eggplant, marigold, seafoam and pistachio (zestypasta i agree with you about not being all gung ho for the not partial to pastels either...)...
  12. best: city
    worst: courier

    i've noticed that the couriers dont sell too well, altho i'm so tempted to get one, but i never seem to be able to locate one in stores to try it on...
  13. I think older bags have better resale value and seem to be harder to come by. City is the best selling style, at least for me. I personally seem to be caught up in the 04-05 colors and I would love to come across an eggplant, bubblegum, or apple green city in mint condition. I have a problem with dark handles and worn edges so if I get one, I'm sure I will pay!
  14. i like this informative :smile:
  15. I think the best: everything flat brass & pewter hardware in good condition (esp. handles)

    Also, pinks and maringold since there are no pinks, yellows in the new collection.

    Worst: dark handles, everything that has turned yellow

    Personally I would only pay above retail for bags that are on my really want/wishlist.