Your New Gucci: A Collective Mini Reveal Thread!

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  1. Thank you @Louish
    Thank you @Johnpauliegal

    We are bag twins @Miss World

    @papertiger thank you!
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    My new Soho Disco in red!!! I'm in love!!!! Also included a mod shot :smile:

    IMG_4228 2.jpg
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  3. I bought this beauty last week as a Christmas gift to myself. My very first Gucci purchase! I haven’t been able to put her down yet, I’m in love! I had a pretty crappy experience at the Gucci store though, hopefully I’ll have better luck next time with a new SA.

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  7. Absolutely love your new bag! Enjoy.
  8. Thank you @MsLex209 :smile:

    Thank you @stylistbydesign :smile:

    Thank you @Johnpauliegal :smile:
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  9. Thank you hun!
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  10. Love your Marmont camera bag, leather looks beautiful and your chair is so nice!
  11. Here is my new Gucci Ophidia Small square shoulder bag in coated canvas, brown leather trim and GG logo.

    Got a few lovely Gucci items this Christmas season, very happy. :smile:
  12. I also got the Small Gucci Marmont. I really wanted to get the Nude but the Gucci SA said get the black as all her clients who got the black have absolutely loved theirs and got great use out of it on a daily basis. But I’m sure I’ll be adding a nude bag soon. :smile:
  13. :love::loveeyes:WOWEE on all of your above pics Miss World...all FABULOUS choices!! And :yes:BIG yes to the nude version if you can (it’s my favorite color & I use mine ALL the time)
  14. Thank you Kendie26 :smile: I really wish I did get the Nude, it’s such a stunning shade, maybe next time, but I think it will be the Mini version. The Dionysus Mini also seems to be a stunning bag, it fit more than I expected.
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  15. Lucky, lucky you :ps: