Your New Gucci: A Collective Mini Reveal Thread!

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  1. Fabulous! Looks so good on you too :heart:
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  2. @papertiger Thank you! :smile:
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  3. 2723D3D8-FF87-40C0-BCDE-18BDA0D945A0.jpeg



    My latest addition! Ophidia GG supreme canvas convertible backpack - my new work bag! I am so happy that it fits my laptop. That’s such an important thing to me for work :smile:
  4. Thats a gorgeous bag. @momoc Enjoy it :smile:
  5. Thank you so much :biggrin:
  6. 8C7170ED-AE10-4E33-8E9A-39284EA8C09F.jpeg My first Gucci!

    I was about get a new neverfull to replace my beat up one and decided to shop around to see if there was something else I might like and fell in love instantly with the GG reversible tote!

    I’ve always adored the Kingsnake motif so I got a couple of those pieces as well.
  7. My recent purchases:
    Signature cat card case & teal marmont shoulder bag!
    27152E14-F0C8-4B59-BACF-E8DEA20DEB3F.jpeg 6545AE5F-26EB-41DC-BB2F-9808FBB73FDB.jpeg
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  8. Just beautiful! Enjoy that bag. I myself just love the kingsnake design. Just gorgeous!
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  9. My latest addition, I've wanted it for a while and I'm happy that it is the card case with the zipped compartment!
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  10. Gorgeous!
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  11. Thanks!
  12. Love all your choices here, but especially the kingsnake on black monogram! It's so good! Enjoy.:smile:
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  13. Love those gold bees on the GG canvas pretty!!