Your New Gucci: A Collective Mini Reveal Thread!

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  1. Got something new to share? Don't necessarily want to create your own reveal thread? POST HERE!!!

    I copied this from another board. I love to see new bags, but when everyone posts their own thread, it's hot for a while, then goes inactive and gets "lost in the shuffle." I think it would be a good idea for everyone to post in on thread, that way, new users who come will have a "one stop shop" for all new reveals, and, still be able to see older reveals as well. That way all of the new FABULOUS Guccis remain at or near the top of the threads.
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  2. Great idea immigratty!!! :ps:

    I have just posted my new silk tie in the Flora Club, but I think I should post it here for everyone. It's perfect as a gift for men or women, and part of the Kris Knight Flora print. What's so cool is that all these plants bloom at night :cool: I prefer this 'micro' size of his work to the bigger pieces.


    For those interested in more pics see post 95 here:
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  3. I like this idea immigratty :tup::tup:
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  4. I like this idea too :smile:
  5. thanx so much ladies...unfortunately I don't have anything to add right now [gotta change that post haste lol] but just seeing all of the beautiful reveals recently, I hate the idea of them getting buried in the board. can't wait to see all of the reveals,

    and PT BEAUTIFUL as usual!!

    Perhaps for everyone who has posted in the last month or so [heck, even the last three months] you can post here too!
  6. Bump - anything new out there! I love seeing reveals!
  7. Here are my new beauties:



    Red Suede LW with alternative straps (the suede lining of the bag matches the canvas strap)


    SS'15 Cotton and leather trench

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  8. Amazing Haul PT! Love that red suede and trench too!
  9. Love everything! That red suede crossbody bag looks like a beautiful raspberry red!
  10. Love your haul PT :loveeyes:

  11. Beautiful haul! Congrats and enjoy :smile:
  12. Thanks fellow Gucci lovers :hugs:

    So, so happy :wlae:
  13. Great taste!
  14. *Faint*

    You have such distinctive and sophisticated taste papertiger. I'm in love with your haul, the H scarf is pretty gorgeous too.
  15. :kiss:

    You've made my day with your flattery :graucho: :blush: