Your New Gucci: A Collective Mini Reveal Thread!

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  1. This is my new Mini Dionysus in black leather with antique silver hardware and Swarovski crystals.

    I can’t believe I never tried on any of the leather ones before, they are so beautifully made and luxurious. I’m so glad the SA told me to try it on.

    I really want the Small size too as I love the rectangular look and how roomy it is.
  2. Ok so she's not new but I can honestly say she's my favourite little bag. I've had 2 years and I use her almost every weekend :heart:
  3. My new marmont..:heart:
    7FAF4AED-FDDD-46DE-8A9F-4982851722BD.jpeg 7BA298C8-3E63-4281-A8DC-BD91AF7B3617.jpeg D83926CA-4FD0-4C4B-9ADA-0647DDF4CAD0.jpeg
  4. My new small marmont with strap that is long enough for me to make the bag a crossbody! IMG_20190118_134256.jpg
  5. OMG What a gorgeous bag!!!! :nuts::heart: Enjoy your beautiful purchase!
  6. Aww thank you so much. The leather and crystals are really beautiful upclose. I’m actually considering getting the ‘Small’ size too for when I need to carry more items.
  7. UPDATE: I exchanged the Gucci Dionysus Mini size for the Small size because I loved the rectangular look of the small size. Still the same beautiful design just slightly larger. Please excuse the little baby feet in the background. :smile:
  8. So so pretty and elegant!! Congrats!
  9. Thank you so much itsrainingstars! :love:I absolutely adore it. If I like using this size I might add another one in the classic GG supreme logo or the blooms design. :loveeyes:
  10. Just picked up this beauty from the outlet in Secaucus!!! I’ve been searching months for this and my SA finally texted me today thirst they just got it in!
  11. Hi can you tell me about the wear and tear on this?
  12. I love this! :smile: Hmm. Gets me thinking. :biggrin:
    Enjoy using it.
  13. Omg. This is gorgeous!! :nuts: I love the black leather with silver hardware. Enjoy wearing it.
  14. Thank you so much Johnpauliegal! I wore it when I went away over the weekend and I had a lot of compliments on the bag, the crystals sparkle in the light. :biggrin:
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  15. My brand new Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Monogram Bag with Taupe suede.

    I also purchased a Gucci Blooms card case. I love that it is compact and has a secure zip around.
    C41345C4-81F3-4946-A403-7C4ECE2373BB.jpeg A06E7329-6DBE-4914-A22B-CF13F357814C.jpeg