Your New Gucci: A Collective Mini Reveal Thread!

  1. Thx so much !
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  2. 4CE72A3F-ABC3-4F6E-882D-0B6E8431131C.jpeg Merry Christmas to me
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  4. What a beautiful color! :heart: Enjoy your new bag. It’s lovely!
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  5. I love it!
  6. Perfect for the holidays and beyond, congratulations
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  7. Gucci RE(BELLE) Python bag!
  8. Wow. What an amazing looking bag. Enjoy your new purchase!
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  9. Thank you! :flowers:
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  10. My brand new Gucci Marmont Mini in Rubin Velvet. I adore this ruby color, I find it very regal. So glad I resisted buying another black bag and went for this rich stand out color. Hopefully I get use out of it. :smile:
    2DD0158A-36DD-4448-9D97-60E22519085E.jpeg 04FCC28B-E25B-455A-9D7A-300AD4F903C5.jpeg
  11. Gucci Mini Marmont in Ruby Velvet ready for her first day out. :smile:
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  12. This must look fabulous with neutrals
  13. It looks really pretty against neutrals especially greys, black, whites and beige. Its also looks fresh with spring/summer outfits. It’s actually more versatile than I thought it would be. I still want a black velvet one too :smile:
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  14. My Gucci Marmont Super Mini in Black. Love it! It fits iPhone, card holder, mini pouch or wallet and has a little room left over.
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  15. Posting a picture of my Gucci family! I just received the Marmont last week. They are so cute together :smile:[​IMG]