Your Hermes in action!

  1. Gorgeous color, and the twilly looks amazing!
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  2. Still enjoying my summery colors while I can.

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  4. Love your ring!!
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  6. Love so many things on your pics!

    If I may ask, is your jacket with the original shoulder pads?
    I love it but the shoulder pads look so exaggerated when I tried on!
  7. 931E803C-C9A5-40A5-B18C-35EF8FC5BF77.jpeg
    K28 out on a lunch date

    IG: @wang_hx
  8. Gosh ! We have the same crush on H and HK ! Love your work decor.
  9. This BE Evie looks so good on you !
  10. Yes, I left the original shoulder pads. It not too exaggerated on me for some reason and this is a size 36.
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  11. Thank you for your sweet comment :flowers:
  12. Great photo with beautiful K, and great smile!!:heart:
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  13. My Baby B25 Etoupe with Gold hardware. Also featuring a photobomb by Ms. mini bolide black chèvre with gold hardware :heart::heart:
    9987E9ED-91D1-4547-98EA-A32443228B9F.jpeg 5B52BDA7-AF81-466E-9F58-9535C6EC8552.jpeg 43F180EF-7E41-4FEC-97CD-9077668DAD6F.jpeg 62165972-7B3B-43EC-B2F1-D2CE43FBAF48.jpeg
  14. Your modeling shots are stunning and really show the versatility of your B25.
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  15. Thank you! It is my favorite bag for sure. I dont wear it as much as I’d like to because I’ve got two little ones so I find myself reaching for smaller crossbody bags that leave my hands free. But I am hoping to wear it more in the next few years!
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