Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Continued from here!
  2. Thank you for your kind comments:
    Moirai - thank you for encouraging me to showcase my Constance. Coming soon!😊
  3. Constance is a dream. I cant wait to see it..Bring it out Kat Lee.
  4. For your curiosity first. Constance reveal:
    Élan black in Box leather with lizard buckle. These were taken in May (when got it) then July. Oh dear, I only took it out once. Not fair from me. Will take it out more. More to be followed. 😊 Thank you dear.

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  5. Oh Dear God! :faint:

    And it's in BOX leather with lizard buckle?!!! OMGGGGG! STUNNING! LOVE :loveeyes: Congrats!

    Kat Lee it would be a crime not to use this beautiful baby. You wear it so well. Thank you for posting these pics. You made my day.
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  6. You should take her out more often, Kat Lee. She is gorgeous and looks amazing on you :love:.
  7. Awww Thank you dear Rami. I dare not commit a out more with Ms.Constance!! Thank you for your sweet words.
  8. Thank you **Chanel**. I feel bad that such a beauty gets to sit in its box all the time. Definitely out more!:cool: Thank you.
  9. I'm not a huge Constance fan as the big metallic H has been come super recognizable (and apart from my C jumbo I'm moving away from that style-wise) but I do love this semi "so black" version. It's stunning esp with the exotic skin thrown in there.
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  10. #10 Aug 10, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2015

    I agree with everything here! Although I have 2 Constances with the huge H it took me ages to get over it.
  11. That is gorgeous. Love the look of box with lizard. Love your outfits too.
  12. Dear LaChocolat. I see what you mean. I love its uniqueness with the lizard buckle. It's such an amazing combination IMO. Thank you. 😘
  13. Thank you periogirl.

  14. What an amazing and rare Constance! Kat.Lee you always have me envious of your pieces! ️
  15. Thank you Moirai. Glad it's revealed. Thank you.

    * sorry multi response doesn't seem to work all of a sudden 😏