Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Seldom bring this cutie out
  2. Seldom bring this cutie out
    1144DDDC-0619-4291-8C0E-A4ED43B46AE7.jpeg 7AE36950-7538-45C5-9A3C-35141DBEA774.jpeg
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  3. Swift B30 out waiting on takeout for dinner. I love this bag!
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  4. Blue Jean Evie hanging on the lanai!

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  6. #40371 Oct 11, 2018
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    Missed out on the #nationalhandbagday, but everyday is a handbag day.

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  7. SupaUltra, you have a fabulous collection of H bags!! Is this a Kelly Lettre?
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  8. That's a Kelly Flag from a few years back, if I'm not mistaken circa 2013 or 2014
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  9. Thanks dear, you are so kind. This is a 35cm Kelly Flag Epsom leather, in blanc and blue thalassa, perfect in every way for my life and I adore her.
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  10. Beauty. Have fun in Lanai
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  11. Absolutely beautiful and fun!
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  12. I love your strap! It looks so fun!
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  13. Thanks! I confess it's a LV purchase behind H's back. Suit a workhorse K35 with a pop of fun :flowers:.
  14. Thanks doll! We’re actually on Maui although we can see the island of Lanai (proper vs lanai which is like a porch or veranda) in the distance. And to bring it back on topic, neither island has an H boutique (I guess I really am on ban island :shocked:) so had to bring the H action here. :P Hope you are being good on the mainland! ;)
  15. Have fun in Maui!
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