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  1. Welcome to the second Cafe Bon Temps thread! As you know, this is an additional Chat thread format in Hermes to provide a place for pure fun and frivolity without taking away or in any way limiting the camaraderie and friendships that have formed in Hermes Chat as people help one another through life's challenges and even its crises.

    The intent of this thread is that it stay a light, fun escape from some of the trials of life.

    It is continued from here.
  2. I am with you Vigee, I adore the "Super H" 70 but apart from that, I am only interested in seeing one CW of PdV. I liked a few CWs of the patchwork horse but not love them enough to buy.

    My store would not sell S/S 2015 scarves until Jan 2015 though. Not sure how your store operates.
  3. I think the zebra pegasus is the only one left really calling my name. Patchwork can verge on looking too much like a quilt imo. I'm not sure about PdV either. The cws are not speaking to me.
  4. :lol::lol:
  5. xiangxiang, you are probably right about H selling S/S 15 in January. They might receive them in December and hold them until after the holiday season ends.
  6. My store has barely got the F/W ones in so I don't know when S/S will show up. I was admiring PdV in indien rose but the one on the Canadian site is gone and I'd really like to see it in person. I like the zebra but worry if the big stripes will overwhelm my short frame.

  7. Nico, which CW of Zebra is calling your name? I am sure that it will look great on you and can't wait to see modeling pics.

    Fabfashion, my local H has almost all of F/W in already, except Cheval Fusion and Minuit/Super H. I put my name down for the Minuit and might be interested in Cheval Fusion CW 11 but that would be it for me. Might be scarf-less this season, lol.
  8. Vigee, I can't remember the #, but the pink/blue accent or the green/blue version. I wanted to see them in person before I decide. Sadly my store doesn't have either of these so what I will pick up on Monday is a special surprise! :biggrin:
  9. My DH already calls me an old lady for wearing silks, so you can imagine what he would say if I came home with that one! :P Not saying it doesn't have the potential to look beautiful on others, but it's a fine balance.
  10. Hi All

    Vigee have you seen the Brides de Gris Gris in FW CSGM's?
    They are super nice and hard to choose a favourite from?

    Looking forward to what you bring home on Monday Nico, is it a small or large box?

    xiangxiang, i like the look of the Massai. It is sad it is discontinued as I am not fond of the pre-loved option, especially since most preloved are abroad and the import duties are horrendous.

    I have just packed ready for my trip to London tomorrow.
    I have a course to attend on Saturday and since no trains arrive early enough Saturday morning I have to go down tomorrow.
    DH is working so I am also travelling solo.
    I am trying to decide whether I should visit the Moynat boutique or not.
    Have a good evening all.
  11. Fabfashion, I didn't like the So Kelly on me, it looked too long for my body.
    I would love to see a Lindy in the flesh.
    That was the one I originally went into H to look at, they didn't have it, and I ended up with a Jypsiere.
    Patience has never been my strong suit.

    Love to hear what you think about the Halzan when you get to see it.
    I think the only negative for me is that someone said that if you were using the strap short then it bunched up inside the bag taking valuable inside room.
  12. Have a good trip Capri and a good evening too.

    Let's say medium sized box? ;) Wish I could go tomorrow, but I have a wedding to attend to and we turned it into a weekend trip. Go figure! I think the H gods must laugh at me sometimes! I swear nothing teaches patience like H! :P

    Totally agree with you about the Massai. I took the chance with a reseller and luckily it was in good condition without any smell. No duties from what I recall as the price was a low amount that didn't catch the attention of customs I guess. Normally it's 10% so I rarely buy things from international sellers.
  13. Vigee, I called my Hawaii SA last week and she said she has most of the F/W in so I'm hopeful that I may get to try them in person next month. Hopefully I don't like too many things. :P
  14. Capri, you may want to swing by the boutique and see if they have a lindy and halzan for you to try. :graucho:

    I didn't know about the strap taking up real estate on the halzan. If I'm lucky enough to find one next month I'll definitely watch out for that.

    Have a good and safe trip! :smile:
  15. Nico, i ended up with the green/blue ZebraPegasus....colors are lively and interesting and the jewel dark green is beautiful ...I also got the rosy pink Patchwork Horse, some of the CWs did seem quilt like but not this one....I am originally from the Midwest so maybe I never fully lost that Ohio part of me. It is so interesting when tied and has so many pretty colors in it.