Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Gorgeous K! love your shoes and strap!
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  2. Loooove your Lindy! My favorite color!:loveeyes:
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  3. Thank you!
    The orange looks different under different lightings!
    I’m still waiting for your posts....
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  4. Lol :lol: You're so sweet to remember! I'm working on it!:blush:
    Yes! your Lindy looks very different in different light! Such a lovely and classic H color! :heart: Which orange is it may I ask? TIA! :flowers:
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  5. I thought it was orange poppy but a TPFer made me check my receipt and it read orange/vermillion verso.
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  6. Thank you! :flowers::heart:
  7. #40387 Oct 12, 2018
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    I know I’ve already posted my K flag earlier, but please allow me to attach two more real “in action” shots. Wish everyone a happy weekend ahead.

    IMG_0467.jpg IMG_0468.jpg
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  8. Not sure if I’m helping you on ban island.... will you be dropping by Waikiki? I heard the chance to score a Constance is very high there because they serve mainly tourists and do not have a local clientele to cater to!
  9. visiting this pretty cafe in London.... IMG_0499.jpg
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  10. My new Lindy

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  11. I think I’m way more casual than most Hermès clients and all the beautiful and elegant ensembles I see but I think that’s why I love my Evelyne so much. She’s relaxed and casual just like me!

    Today we had to go to LV to get some sad news about my favorite LV bag :sad:
  12. Evie looks great on you!! :hugs::heart:
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  13. Thank you DM!! :smile:
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  14. Oooh pretty C and pretty Cafe! :heart: May I ask where this cafe is in London?? TIA!:flowers:
  15. Cute Evie! Love the color on you and how it matches your sneaker! :heart:What happened to your LV???:huh:
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