Your Hermes in action!

  1. The twilly matches the bag so well! Oh, and that ring is lovely!!
  2. Aw. Thanks for letting me know though! If they made that in an enamel hinge I would be all over it!
  3. Thank you for your reply, I guess I'm out of luck then lol.. enjoy yours to the fullest
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  4. Haha - not a bad seat considering the long flight :smile: Thank you so much :heart::heart::heart:
  5. Thank you, Love! The twilly took a... while... to find because the color is a bit peculiar. Ones I found before this had too much pink so I was more than a tad excited when I finally found it! Re the ring, as much as I'd like to take credit for it, it's my husband's doing! :graucho:

    Enjoy your weekend!
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  6. Oh thank you! I was told that crevette means shrimp (why is it that the same words sound so much better in French than English? why?).
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  7. It sounds much better in French, but looks excellent no matter the location
    I love to discover the French meaning of my bag colors as well!
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  8. thank you. i do love these sandals. i have another pair in white that i haven't worn yet! lol ....these may still be in some random H stores anywhere in the world actually. keep asking whenever you visit H stores in smaller less popular towns. you never know or it could be in the H sale. i just bought a pair of chanel slingbacks in Paris that was from a couple of seasons ago and it was sold out everywhere when it first appeared.
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  9. Thanks liz_!!!!:flowers:
  10. Such a sweetie! I showed my DH and told him if he stepped up his game a little maybe HE could match my twillies too and get a shout out! .
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  11. This photo made me smile. Thank you for sharing
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  12. Ahh I love the white version of it too! You are so lucky(and so pretty with the sandals!!) I will ask my SA today, but may I ask if you happen to have the H code for either colors so my SA can check the system more precisely? Sorry if it's too much trouble tho and I still appreciate your help :smile:
    Congrats on your great find of the Chanel shoes! They are meant to be yours Too bad I don't travel much... and visiting Paris would be my dream, maybe in a few days when the kids are older hehe
  13. Thank you so much @PursePassionLV !!!! :flowers:
    My SM is awesome and Ms Etains' a lifer!! (as I like to say):heart:
  14. IMG_1497704573.576628.jpg

    Beach Birkin.
  15. This looks like a beautiful morning!!
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