Your Hermes in action!

  1. Its very long strap!!!??? This isnt a special order?
  2. Oh my god!!! The best BP B picture imo!!!!!! Thank you for sharing a beautiful picture. :heart:
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  4. Thank you very much! I hope the colour is accurate since I took the pic with my phone and it looks neon turquoise on the screen, then again every colour on this phone (Samsung S8) is automatically enhanced.
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  5. Working on a weekend, Miss Ghillies and I deserve a snack or two. 20170617_142802.jpeg
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  7. Thank u! Yes, Gris perle- gorgeous color!
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  8. Its simply stunning!!!!!
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  9. IMG_1497765942.973859.jpg
  10. hi there, i don't have the code since receipt long gone but with the name alone, the SA should be able to key into the system and look it up. or otherwise they can refer to the order book from that particular season. good luck!
  11. Yum deserts! And that Ghillies B
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  12. Using Rose Azalee B this weekend ~
    IMG_20170617_141048_20170618204835274.jpeg IMG_20170618_011815_901.jpeg
  13. trio waiting for matcha desserts at tsujiri :loveeyes:

  14. Thanks chincac, no worries for the code, you've helped me enough already :smile:
    If my SA can't find it then I'll just have to find something else lol
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  15. Love this. May I ask how tall are you?
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