Your Hermes in action!

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    My little contribution for today: My picotin 18 vintage black dalmation hard at work with me today! I needed all the horseshoe charm in my work today!
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  2. The ring is quite old I got it 8 or 10 years ago ... as for the bracelet I got it at the january sale in paris Porte Maillot ! It does indeed features horses ! I don't mind clanking but if you do it' s probably not a good idea to get one...
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  3. Thank you so much Perfect Day!! :smile:

    Thank you for your kind words PurseOnFleek and obsessedwhermes!

    Haha! Love this BBC!!!
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  4. Wanted to share my b30 etain today..keeps me smiling. thank you for letting me!
  5. Lovely! Twins on the bag & rodeo!!
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  6. Cool @hoot !!! Thanks!:heart:
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  7. Especially since he surprised you with this bag! Very cute :smile:
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  8. This Dalmatian is so special! Wish you all the luck from your horseshoe!
  9. This color is so fab!
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  10. Love your entire outfit!! May I ask what sandals you were wearing? I thought I saw them before but now can't recall the style... and you made me want them so badly
  11. Thank you. The sandals are called the Karlotta, also from H, from quite a few seasons back.
  12. I know that seat. Enjoys your travels :smile:
  13. Gorgeous the leather is stunning
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  14. Gorgeous, I love etain and your Rodeo gives a great pop of colors make me smile also
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  15. This picture is sooo cute!! And your DH is sooo obliging!
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