Which Alexander Wang are you SEARCHING for???

  1. I am looking for a Mini Rocco Black with Gold studs. Hopefully it has strap. Does AW make this combo?
  2. I hear ya Denaroo - I heart the Ocean Blue Diego but have the same issue! I am also considering the Forest Green, which is easier to come by... :graucho:

  3. I know isnt it frustrating?! I may have the situation figured out :sneaky: .. I'll keep you in the know - we must have those blue bags - green is good yes, but we will get those blue ones!
    Its all I can think about... :wacko: I have a one track mind when it gets on something.... better than thinking about those chocolate cookies in my freezer I guess :p
  4. ^ I bought an ocean blue Diego from Barneys using a mail forwarder (I'm in Sydney)
  5. Oh this sounds interesting - Ive never heard of this Chunkylover - Im going to look into this right now thank you for telling me! Have you received your bag yet?
  6. Yeah chuncky! Congrats! The #1 on my wishlist now is a black Brenda, God I love this bag!
  7. How much is this?
  8. Can anyone tell me if the Baby Rocco comes with the brass studs? This is what I would want. Thanks in advance.
  9. Can anyone please let me know if they find a Luggage Millie for under $400? Barneys cancelled my order...
    Thank you!
  10. Diego in Oak in the $750 price range!
  11. Seems they are all gone on the websites :sad: Thank you~~
  12. there's one on eBay, you'll have to get it authenticated though..
  13. Darcy in luggage less than retail...20% or more??
  14. i have too many black bags and i need a grey one so baaaad. :sad: do you think they have any at barney's in chicago?