Which Alexander Wang are you SEARCHING for???

  1. try code: stylewatch on madisonlosangeles.com. no idea on expiry, should get 20-off. fingers crossed! ;)
  2. ugh i want the angela clutch (on sale! haha)
  3. I want one I think AW has not yet released.....Dark Gray Rocco ( with strap of course! ) with Silver studs!

    If anyone sees a Rocco in a darker true Gray, please let me know!
  4. I actually did, but add 10% CA TAX :sad:..I am still tempted. thank you!
  5. I'm semi interested in one but I think they are all sold out?

    Anyone know any stores/online places that may still have one?

    Thank you!

    Karen x
  6. Previously I'd been looking for a gray baby rocco, but now I'll consider any baby rocco. New or used, I don't really care.
  7. I am just about to ask the same question. :biggrin: I remember it was on sale but i did not get it then. :crybaby:

    anyone? please help us...
  8. Good luck. I hope they still have one in the store.
  9. many thanks!