Which Alexander Wang are you SEARCHING for???

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  1. hi :smile: i know this is sold out everywhere.. but can anyone help me look for this backpack please?? would REALLY appreciate it :smile:
    Alexander Wang 1.jpg
  2. are you still looking for this backpack?
  3. I borrowed this idea from another forum, thought it'd be helpful to have a dedicated thread for AW's we are on the hunt for! We can post here in hopes that others might give us some help in finding if they happen to see your wish list item(s) some where out there!! :biggrin:

    I am on a desperate hunt for the Donna Hobo in Fatigue Green. If anyone happens to see one of these, could you please PM me and let me know! Many thanks!!:flowers:
  4. That fatigue green is gorgeous reminds me of sage did in come in any other style?
  5. I'm hunting for a AW dove gray leather rocco... i can't find it anywhere
    if you see any, please feel free to PM me and let me know!!!
  6. the gray one on Shopbop.com made me look twice because i thought it was the green one for some reason
  7. ^^You are good platinum! Thanks...I scoured the net with no luck! Hmmm, not sure if I want to pay full price though. Smack me I know!
  8. Haha i know the feelng! My purse strings are pulled tightly shut, gotta save a lot of dolla for feb next year :sad::pout: so i need to live vicariously through you ladies ;):flowers:
  9. heyyy platinum may i marry you?? :P:P:P
    I'm going to order it as soon as I'm back home..I'm in Seattle atm
    Goshhh I can't wait!!!!
    Is that a reputable online store,isn't it???
  10. Haha you made me giggle :graucho:

    Yes Hampden is very reputable, i bought my black on black baby from them, you may want to deal with SA "Katie" as she is an absolute doll and extremely quick to answer e-mails and answer any/all questions,

    Have a great weekend :biggrin:
  11. Ehehehehehehehe =)

    I do trust you, I'll send an e-mail asking for Katie!

    Thank you and same to you!
  12. For me, it's the fuchsia Brenda... my most wanted AW bag. And then maybe a Leopard Diego but I saw all the unlucky searchers in the official Diego thread.
  13. there's a pre-owned pink brenda on ebay, though you'd need to get it authenticated