Which Alexander Wang are you SEARCHING for???

  1. Not searching, since I know Saks has it, but I'm lusting after the wide rib wrap sweater and I love the way the model is wearing it..
    a.wang wide rib wrap sweater $395.jpeg
  2. I was just looking at this sweater on the Saks site- it is gorgeous! All of his draped tops look so great- I have the sleeveless goddess top and it makes me look so good! AW is going to bankrupt me.
  3. I'm looking for the AW Black Mesh Rocco...going to try and call around for it tomorrow =/.
  4. I had no luck finding the AW black mesh Rocco from Barneys outlets, but I did just buy one last week on eBay. I was lucky- it was a highly rated seller, she didn't charge an outrageous amount and the AW and Barneys tags were still on the bag. If you have no luck calling around, you might try eBay or Bonanzle- just be very cautious about the seller. I hope you find one- it is a beautiful bag! The mesh part gives it a cool texture and it's not as heavy as the other Roccos.
  5. I am looking for leather Diego in Grey with Silver hardware. Does any one have any leads on this? TIA
  6. I believe one is on Bonanzle right now...
  7. I am looking for a leopard Diego. :search:
  8. Does anyone know where I can this bag? I believe it was first became on sale in April of this year, but can't find it anywhere now ;(
  9. If anyone see this notebook clutch on sale somewhere, please let me know. thanks very much!
  10. ^^ shopbop, alexander wang (official website) have them!
  11. Dying for a leopard Diego... Please let me know!
  12. Rocco in the barneys exclusive ocean blue! TIA!
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    I'd really love to find a Forrest Rocco below retail! If anyone happens to see one please PM me! Many thanks! :flowers:

  14. Just a warning, there are two hideous fakes on eBay right now.:nuts::nuts::nuts: