What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. Girl, same!!!! I didn’t realize pochettes are more difficult to come by than a b/k....
  2. :yahoo:So excited about the news!
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  3. My biggest wish for 2019 is to score a B25 or B30 Touch black ❤❤❤
    And after that we'll see/look for other B25's; they are so cute❤️
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  4. My wishlist is getting smaller, but...
    1. Chocolate Togo B30 with GHW
    2. Bleu Nuit Togo B30 with GHW
    3. Black B30 with GHW (undecided on leather. I like the idea of a smooth leather for black, but I worry about scratches & want structure. Shiny croc would be my HG in a perfect world with unlimited bag funds)
  5. I hear you! me too!!!
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  6. K25 or K28 Sellier - gris asphalte ghw
    Kelly pochette in black or pink
    Bearn wallet - not sure what colour... maybe a deep blue of sorts?
    Cashmere/silk scarf or a stole
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  7. I wish.... a Kelly 25 Blue Encre GHW!!
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  8. - B30 Etain with RGHW
    - B30 or K28 Bleu du Nord with GHW
    - K28 Bleu Glacier
    - grey, blue or aubergine croc CDC
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  9. Like I said said before, a Kelly Pouchette takes the same slot as any other size Kelly so stores order MUCH fewer pieces as they are probably deemed comparatively less easy to sell. Sticking to topic, I don't mind adding another one in 2019.
  10. Interesting! I didn’t quite know why they were hard to get, just that they were.
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  11. YESS!!! Blue Glacier I forgot abt that colour, really like it and off course Lagoon. Bought a few months ago a BNIB Kelly 35 in Menthe GHW; so mesmerising, love it!
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  12. I am a Bleu Nuit lover, so if it is going to be rested, then my priority for the year will be Bleu Nuit over the grey listed below, but I am trying to be open, as I am trying to think long term and not be short sided with my obsession for the color.

    K28 Bleu Nuit Togo palladium hw
    K25 Bleu Nuit Togo palladium hw
    Evelyne 16 Bleu Nuit Clemence palladium hw
    Bazar mini Bleu Nuit Togo palladium hw
    Dogon card holder Bleu Nuit Togo palladium hw
    Sangle if k happens in 25mm
    Paris loafers if I can ever find in my size and Bleu marine

    Wild card for Bleu Nuit, if b35 Togo palladium was offered, I’d take it, but for that size it would have to be in my favorite color and in palladium hw, as I am barely 5 foot 1 inch and 35s tend to look large on me. But alas Bleu Nuit has my heart.

    Also, I am open to Clemence over Togo for the above, but since most of my current Bleu Nuit handbags are in Clemence, I would prefer a little diversity by adding Togo which is why the reference above.

    B30 graphite palladium hw
    B30 Gris mouette palladium hw
    A few 24 mosaique tabletop items

    If this could be the year that I finish off my Bleu Nuit wishlist I would be so happy. Thanks for letting me share.
  13. Funny to hear that Bleu Nuit is your addiction. I just sold my B35 VERSO Bleu Nuit PHW (BNIB), didn't use it
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  14. I’m not sure if your verso was the version with the rose pourpre interior but I think that rose pourpre is stunning. Love the pop of color in slg’s.
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  15. It was BlN with OP. Initially I was also in love with with BlN/RP but I think that Magnolia would be a better combo. RP a bit too dark??
    verso8.jpg verso9.jpg