What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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    Welcome to TPF! I think it would be really helpful if you read through all the Hermès Information and Reference threads (especially the threads “stickied” to the top of each section) and the TPF posting rules (like no offers to purchase). If you’re not familiar with what podium is, there will probably be a lot that is new to you.

    To start:


    Also the Hermes Reference Library and Hermès Shopping subforums. ( @Vlad every time I try to post the links here they show up as spam??)
  2. That’s hilarious! I can’t believe she let you go after such a thoughtful gift! :giggle:
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    I’m not certain , but I don’t think she’s ever used it .....
    Something about it being too heavy with all the padlocks hanging off it :lol:
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    By the way Diane , I caused quite a scene in the Hermes store on Friday wearing my 3 wolf moon tee shirt !!!
    Word got around and women were running all over the mall to get a look at it . It was like a tsunami of vaginas building momentum on its way towards the Hermès store . I wasn’t scared , obviously I’m fearless when wearing that tee shirt , but security panicked and locked the doors and ushered me out of the rear door .

    Did you buy yours yet ?
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  5. Please can we stick to the topic and not get too sidetracked by wolves or other animals etc TY
  6. :biggrin::biggrin:

    Ok , I’ll try ...
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  7. SO TRUE!!!!
    You can be browsing the net (or TPF) and all of a sudden your wish lish is turned on its feet!

    P.S. You know a true obsession (sorry, want) when it survives many changes on your list)...
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  8. Can't wait for you to get the mini roulis w permabrass-- we can be bag twins!
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  9. A Birkin...I have never held one in person so not sure about size.
    A K25 Etoupe, Etain or Gold...
    Hmmmm...an offer for a color that isn’t pink or red.
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  10. Good luck!!!
    How exciting!
    I remember when my first one entered the room. It took my breath away! She’s still my grande dame and will always be special to me :smile:
    Hope you get yours soon!!!
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  11. Although I'll consider quite a few different K28/32 and B30/35, I'm on a mission this year to get my HG bag: B30 rghw in black.
  12. Mine is a black togo kelly in 32
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  13. I don't know if your boutique has "sample bags" but if they do you can try on different sizes and see what works for you.
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  14. My first quota of 2019 will already be used up by the end of the month, so I need to be more pariticular about my other options.

    A picnic mini Kelly is definitely #1 on my wishlist, followed by a lizard k25 or b25. Rose Sakura is coming back this season as well! A third SO with rose Sakura would be TDF. A pochette (no color preference, ghw) would be nice too.

    Much wishful thinking on my end because I doubt I’ll get any of these LOL
  15. I wasn’t aware of this, very cool. I live in Dallas, and will try next time I go in. Thanks so much.