What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. BBK 28 or 32, any HDW
    B30 or B35 Gold GHW/Raisin in any HDW
  2. Any of these:

    Barenia/Barenia Faubourg K28 - PHW
    Barenia/Barenia Faubourg Mini Roulis - any color Hardware

    Plus definitely a Noir Lindy 30.
  3. First, happy new year, everyone and
    I wish all your orange dreams come true in 2019!

    My wish list:
    Kelly Cut in Shiny Porosus Orange Poppy GHW
    B30/K28 in Fauve Barenia G or P HW
    B25 in Matte Beton Alligator PHW, Parchemin Ostrich GHW, or Gris Perle Matte Alligator PHW.
    K25/B25 Shiny croc Jaune Ambre or yellow like Saffron

    I’d also consider some of them in ‘dressier’ leathers Chèvre, something smooth and shiny like box, etc.
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  4. I want a bag, in Bleu Electrique! I'm obsessed with this color. I think it's rested for 2019 so I will have to hunt something down.
  5. Awesome choices! I love Parchemin but haven’t seen any recent reveal. Do you know if this color is still in production?
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  6. Thanks letting me share... My wish list for 2019 is short and sweet:
    • K28 noir PHW
    • C24 noir PHW
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  7. Well...2019 is going to be your lucky year! Why? Because I’m willing to partner up with you. Yup. By “partner up” I mean that after you purchase the bag, I’ll help you out, by carrying it part of the time so that it doesn’t sit unused in your closet....you can thank me later. :hugs:
  8. Me too! :yes:
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    Thank you, Rami!! I have no idea. I saw a beautiful B30 mint one for sale during the summer at a jewelry and antiques show, but unfortunately was already sold :sad:
  10. Count me in as well! :wave:
    I’ll even send my out black togo B25 GHW if needed so no one is sans a black bag :biggrin:
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  11. I only have 2 big wishes for 2019 -
    1) PO order from 3 years ago - K28 Matte Black Croc in phw. For some reason store has only received them in ghw.
    2) I have many outstanding SOs but the one I REALLY want is a special one from 3.5 years ago. Been reassured several times that it is still in the system and hasnt been cancelled.
    Let’s just say I am very patient
  12. I was offered a parchemin C mini GHW ostrich a few weeks ago. It was beautiful but had to pass on it.
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  13. I would lovvve a baby B25 or mini Kelly 20 in a fun bright color!
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  14. I’ve been reading the posted wish lists...so many wonderful items! Winning the lottery definitely would make my Hermes shopping spree easier. Since the chance of that happening is slim.. I kept my wish to just one item. A K28 sellier, epsom, noir, phw
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  15. B30 fauve Barenia would be the dream for 2019
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