What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. B25 in dark colors & a KP
  2. Nothing really special. I've bought 3 pre-loved H bags over the past few months - a Dalvy, Kelly 35 Sellier and a Marwari GM in Soliel.
    I'm really just interested in buying a few more 90 silkies, H bracelets and a Garden Party in the most unusual blue I can find.
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  3. A girl can dream: B25 in Togo/Clemence Black with PHW - my holy grail.....
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  4. Ahhhhh - my wish list........it changes but right now I am lusting after a Black Birkin Touch ( or maybe another color?) and a mini Constance. With Hermes you can want one color and then a different color catches you eye and things change in a second...
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  5. My wish list for 2019

    K 28 Noir Togo retourne GHW / PHW.

    BBB 30 PHW is my second Holy Grail after my B 30 PHW Barenia which I already got fulfilled in 2017.

    B 30 Gris T or Bleu Glacier Togo with RGHW.

    K Pochette preferably in Noir Epsom or any other color no matter which HW.

    And maybe a K 28/25 Retourne / Sellier or C24 Rouge vif,
    My SA mentioned that this wonderful red is back in the moment.

    Wow, I think that's enough for a year!
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  6. Diane - you are too good to me! For this I would definitely thank you later, much later. Hahahaha! Hugs!
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  7. Let’s just start with my outstanding SOs first...
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    Kelly 28 or 32 crocodile, any color, gold hardware - 1960
    or/and Kelly blue box leather, gold hardware, any size - 1960 (for customization like the one on my profile) - both retourné, of course!

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  9. And really a Birkin Shadow (bag, and/or belt, and/or cuff)

    I also like the Hermès Omnibus, larger size in leather preferably (not so much the canvass + leather)
  10. Podium?
  11. That would look really good with 3 wolves on it
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  12. Haha :smile: these are not wolves but French shepherd dogs, also called "briards"
    Django Jicky's Sohn.jpg
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  13. Is one of them wearing a crown ?
    Or has it just got Jonny rotten hair ?
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  14. I’m sure you can get one of the artists who personalize bags to paint the three wolves on a bag for you. I’d actually help by contributing to a “GoFundMe” page. So, there’s your first $5. :graucho: However, there’s a caveat: don’t move to my neighborhood. I don’t want to listen to you howling at the moon all night. Actually, that would be worth a $10 donation...I really value my sleep. :lol:
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  15. I bought an old Kelly sport in leather/toile a few years ago as a surprise Christmas gift for my then girlfriend with the sole purpose to customize it .
    I was to buy the bag and accessories, and her daughter was to paint it .
    I bought the bag and loads of limited edition lock-things , and other Hermès accessories then handed it over to her daughter to paint .
    She decided on painting an octopus on it , but then got Sick in the weeks leading upto Christmas and never got past the outline of the octopus ....
    We handed it over anyway unfinished on Christmas Day , with what looked like male genitalia drawn on it in pencil .
    It was christened “the cocktopus bag” :biggrin:
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