What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. Thanks so much, I feel like I bought bags I didn’t love to get a Birkin haha! So definitely top of my wishlist this year. For some reason, just can’t get Birkin out of my head...I just feel like it will be the bag for me. I have had Kelly but no Birkin! So cool you still love your first!!!
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  2. Mostly content with my collection at this point, my wishlist remains consistently small and focused haha!
    K25 Sellier GHW Box (Rouge or Vert) or Touch (Blue Night)
    B30/K28 retourné GHW Barenia heritage (any color!)
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  3. Hello dear I am with you on this..... to my surprise one of them shown up on Jan 2 :eek: .... :yahoo:
  4. Congrats! Hate to ask, did your store have a price increase over the New Year? :hrmm:
  5. My dream bags for this year are the Barenia Constance 24, Kelly 28 in blue paradise or blue atoll, and a KP in lime. I’m in trouble! I feel like I am so specific that it drives my SA crazy
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  6. Thank you dear, at least not yet...:lol: I was charged the same price dated back 06/2018 on the 2018 pricing thread.
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  7. Good. That is very fair. Friends have had bags show up early in the New Year just after a significant increase and we aren't sure it's a coincidence. Over different continents.
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  8. You're not alone! I always give my SA a short wish list so she keeps telling me to be more open... I believe I must be the most picky client she has:facepalm:
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  9. I always wonder what kind of system they use to keep track of every client and their wishlist! My SA types them into her iPad but I still wonder how she can remember everything...‍♀️
  10. Well, I basically threw out my 2018 wish list and as of today, submitted a new one in writing in hopes of obtaining one of the following from the upcoming podium submission. I was advised to pare down to just two at the request of the SA/SM's wish going forward for clients of the store. Additional bags and items can be added but they would prefer to keep the list to two items. #1 is the glorious Kelly 28 in Blue Iris Ostrich with gold hardware or brushed gold if that is offered as a standard option in 2019. #2 is a Kelly 28 Gold with Gold hardware, Togo in either Sellier or Retourne. (hope I didn't make a mistake in saying either- or, that was the advice of the SA.)
    If it was not for the wonderful people in this forum along with the wealth of information that is shared, I would NEVER be in a position like I am today. My attitude was wrong, my thinking needed some serious adjusting. I am beyond grateful and really do spend a lot of my free time reading everyone's post. I think we should start a new thread that just discusses what the TPF has done for us and what an incredibly valuable place it has become (at least in my life.)
    If nothing else, it would be nice for owners and staff that work on the site to receive some appreciation from us.
  11. Let’s see...trying not to be over ambitious

    Hope my 2019 starts with a B25 fauve Barenia GHW, followed up by a B25 Etain RGHW, and closes with a B25 Rose Sakura. I found B25 to be my most-used model so I’m sticking with it.
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  12. On my wish list: Kelly Mini with GHW and another B25.
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  13. Yay! Glad to hear you got your wishes submitted and hoping your birdie shows up!
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  14. A Sangle cavale and a blue picotin 18
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  15. Wishlist revised. Want a Kelly Pochette bad. That’s on the list in either neutral, bright green, blue, or purple (pipe dream). PHW is a must. Let’s see what happens!

    B wish is the same. B30 PHW in dark blue or black.