What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. Lovely!
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  2. Thanks IzzyParis!
  3. Wow!!! What a stunning bag! Blue Nuit B30 is at the top of my wishlist, but I would not be able to turn down that incredibly beautiful bag, even if I'm concerned B35 could be too heavy for me (I fill up whatever space is in my bag - hee hee!). Thanks for posting!
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  4. Sac Kelly 25/28 étoupe PHW retourne :smile:
    Sac Kelly Ado étoupe PHW
  5. I would like a B35 in noir. Next on the list is C24 in noir or gold. A B30 in barenia PHW could go to the top of the list should one ever materialize....
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  6. For next semester: etoupe or gold K32/K35

    In the meantime: bleu zellige picotin 22/26 :heart:
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  7. Lizard B 25 in any color
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  8. OK after thinking long and hard about this... here is my short list, not limited to 2019 :biggrin:

    1. would really love for another opportunity to SO...
    2. Gris T B25 RGHW
    3. Capucine B25/30 or C18/24 GHW
    4. something purple (violet lizard in my dreams)
    5. something Gris Agate ostrich
  9. Thanks dear! Hope your Bleu Nuit dream will come true
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  10. B30 black Togo with RGHW or GHW
    K28 blue nuit Togo with PHW

    A bag in Rose Sakura with GHW.

    An SO opportunity would be fantastic!
    Wish also that a 5P Pink bag would show up magically.

  11. Also just added box B30 to my wishlist :smile: Hopefully my SA can work their magic
  12. I should have also said a black box Kelly 28 or Birkin 30 too. Really at the top, but not expected. Flexible re hardware color.
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  13. Gris agate ostrich would be a dream!!!!!!!
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  14. A retourne K28 or K32 in vert verone with GHW would a dream come true!
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  15. I put it out there and my SA asked me what’s next on my wishlist! Let’s see what happens next. DH is not going to be happy with me. :angel::rolleyes::heart:
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