What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. Mauve Sylvestre in Birkin 25, and a Kelly Picnic mini:smile:
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  2. Mauve colour doesn't come in Birkin.
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  3. I'm just putting it out to the universe: a red Kelly Retourne with PHW. My perfect dream red is Rouge Grenat, but I seem to have just missed the boat on that season. Holding out hope that one magically appears at my boutique, or that it's still on the SO list (and I get an SO invite)! I think I'll be at "purse peace" after this.

    Hermes does colors beautifully, but that also means there's a wide range of tones and undertones for each color group. Unfortunately, I'm very picky about the shade of red that I'm after, and I want one that's distinctly cooler-toned and semi-muted in brightness. I've seen the (perenniel?) Rouge Tomate and Rouge Casaque, and they lean too warm and orange for my taste. This season's Rouge de Coeur is also even warmer. I haven't seen Rouge Piment just yet, but it's certainly not as cool- or jewel-toned as Rouge Grenat.

    If red wasn't meant to be for me this year, I'd love to get a small bag in my favorite pink, Rose Extreme. I only saw that shade in mostly SLGs and bracelets last year, but people here are slowly getting bag offers in that shade. It'd be amazing to get a KC or a C24 in that color!!
  4. I have the same taste and had the same dilemma. I wanted a 35cm retourne Kelly in a straight red - not as dark as Rouge H and nothing with orange tones. And then 9/8 years ago they brought out Rouge Garance which fitted the bill perfectly. My advice is to wait for the right red but be ready to pounce when it comes along. I got mine via the SO process but when you order an SO for a production colour the wait is usually quite bearable ( it was a mere 6 months for me).

    My wish list for 2019 is to upgrade to an Hermes purse - some form of verso Bearn with a gusset and palladium hardware probably in something like electric blue. One can dream.
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  5. I definitely see what you mean. Especially after the latest price increase, these bags are too expensive to just settle for! Feel free to send some SO fairy dust my way, please. :smile:
    Quick anecdote: I went shopping for a Calvi a few months back, and in that rainbow-hued drawer, one Calvi immediately stood out to me. Lo and behold, it turned out to be my beloved Rouge Grenat. I guess with that "blind test", that's my color no matter what!
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  6. I saw an RE C24 in early January.
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  7. Yes, I heard the same. But really wishing and hoping H will produce in Birkins. Have the Mauve now in Constance 18 Epsom. It is so pretty!
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  8. Barenia Faubourg Kelly Retourne 25/28 PHW
    Barenia/Butler Kelly Sellier 25/28 GHW
    Barenia/Butler Constance 19/24 PHW
  9. Another heritage leather lover! Imagine how good all these would smell grouped together. I Like your username. Welcome aboard!
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  10. Black / graphite croc b30 or k28
    Any Lizzie in B or K or C
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  11. haha~ thx a lot. 3Bs are my fav.
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  12. B30 GT with RGHW
    B25 Bleu Nuit with either RG or GHW
    K28 retourne Etain or GA with PHW
    KP in any color
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  13. B30 in Etain ghw
    K25 sellier red ghw
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  14. Garden Party 36 and Kelly (every year until I get offered one)lol

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  15. SO fairy dust can be encouraged into corporeal reality. It depends on your relationship with your home store though- I am a big enthusiast for the scarves but discussed my dream bag for years just in passing. So the staff were primed for me to ask - at some stage - to order a bag but knew it had to be 100% right for me because I don't have time or financial resources to risk getting the decision wrong. But once your colour and leather are available it is easy for them to deal with - they have a terrible job telling people 'no' all the time and being able to get a client just the right thing is a pleasure for them as well as you. I know I am lucky with the sales team in my local store but I did put the ground work in, listened to the art of the possible from the SAs and had the money ready to make the purchase. I'd wanted a Kelly since my late teens ( I was mid 40s when I finally got one) but I cherish it and Rouge Grenat sounds like a great choice to me!