What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. My dream would be to have a 45 cm HAC or 50 cm Birkin in black or blue (any shade) with gold hardware. What would be your dream Hermes for 2019? Nearly all of my bags are tan or gold. I need to vary my color selection.

    (My New Years Resolution somehow always includes acquiring more H!)
  2. As I'm turning 50 next Year, I want to treat myself with a B30 GHW Vert Emeraude Niloticus Crocodile. Would be my first and probably last exotic bag. I hope my SM is able to get me this one via podium or SO.
  3. Hmmmm .... a few things I would like.

    A Mini Roulis in Barenia w/ Permabrass to finally turn up
    Kelly 25 Sellier in Rouge Casaque with PHW
    Some type of Kelly 25 in a Gray with Rose Gold Hardware

    Then I'm DONE! :smile: (famous last words)
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    I'd love to get:

    Animapolis Scarf
    Something small in Mauve Silvestre
    Carmen Key Ring
    A Birkin 30 in either Etoupe, Black, or Gold with any hardware
    Clemence or Swift Bolide in one of the same colors^
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  5. I’m dreaming of a
    Rouge H or Bordeaux Roulis 23
    Blue Nuit K28 retourne
    A neutral jige, maybe Etoupe
    And that’s all........
  6. I just went through my hermes wishlist today:

    K28 noir phw
    K25 noir swift ghw
    K28 malachite ghw
    B30 gold ghw
    Several more shawls and scarves
    Something in the new color vert verone and something in vert vertigo.
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  7. Wow...how things have changed since last year when I had a laundry list of wishes.

    For 2019 , I would love a Kelly Cut in a pop of color. GHW or PHW fine.

    A sellier Kelly 28 in Vert Cypress or Etain or Chocolate PHW

    I would also need my SO to make its debut.

    That’s it.
  8. My list hasn’t budged much... Gray B25 or K25, purple C18 or kelly pochette, and red K25 or kelly pochette would complete my H bag collection. The pretty blue constance with pink enamel hardware is a fantasy bag, very pretty to lust over but can’t grow old with me. The magnolia Picontin 18 lock is a great casual bag but i will unlikely use it in the very distant future.
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  9. I am hoping for:

    K28 Black or Etoupe PHW
    K28 bright Red or Orange tone PHW
    K32 Black or Etoupe PHW
    Bolide 27 Dk Blue GHW

    Fingers crossed.
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  10. I just fulfilled one wish...just purchased K35 Gold GHW (pre-loved, there is no Hermès where I live or in nearby area)
    I am hoping for:
    Evelyne Black or Etain
    A few twillies and silk scarves
    CDC or Kelly Dog...Gold, Red or Etain
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  11. I don't need much....but I wish:

    For Vert Cypres to be available for SO in Togo or Clemence
    To find the perfect BBK 28 in retourné with PHW (difficult!)
    For someone to tire of a BBB30 with PHW (unlikely)
    For someone to tire of a Roulis or mini Roulis in Barenia or Rouge H
    To win Powerball before my SA says "and here's that matte croc bag you dreamed of"
  12. Scarves:
    -My first CSGM 140 in something special
    -More twillons; I like these.
    -Into the Canadian Wild from a few years ago, in the special Canada-only (I think) colorway
    -long farandole necklace; debating whether I look good in silver
    Still basking in the glow of my new K35 and thus unable to think of anything else, but wouldn’t say no to a sellier in the future
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    I would love a B30 gold ghw
    A k28 gold ghw
    A b30 in grey agate ostrich ghw, and possibly blue Iris sangles
    And while I am wishing, maybe a k28 bf ghw (doesn't exist)
    And a Grrrrrrrr
    Add an XL dog collar for my huge dog.
    Dream bag ATTACH]4290170[/ATTACH]
  14. These are the items on my mind:
    K32, retourne, in barenia
    K32, retourne in togo or swift, in Rouge H, bordeaux or gold (any hardware color)
    Lizard leather hinged bracelet
    Kelly dog bracelet, black with ghw
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  15. Still dreaming of a B30 in Bleu Electrique with PHW - my ultimate dream bag
    New silkin wallet in a Bright pink or purple (RJ)
    Evelyn TPM in a fun pop of color