What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. I’ve used up my 1st quota of 2019 with a B30 Etain RGHW. Will have to wait until end of year for a K25 Noir RGHW or GHW.

    If the K25 doesn’t show up for me, I’ll be perfectly happy with an Ostrich Jige Duo or Ostrich Calvi Card Holder in darker shades of blue. Maybe an Ostrich K28 in 5+ years. Over-reaching much? Lol!

    I wasn’t into exotics until I saw theblondeavenue’s Cobalt Blue Birdie on YT. Also, this Jige Duo on H.com’s website last month. Now it seems to be sold out.

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  2. So this list has changed a bit......funny how that happens.
    Tried Roulis on again and I want to love it bc it’s so practical and pretty but it just doesn’t fit me well.
    Tried an Etoupe jige twice and can’t seem to pull the trigger.
    Maybe a jige in cactus......hmmm
    Tried the larger Verrou today and loved it! Don’t know what color I’d get though.
    Still want something Rouge H or Bordeaux

    Still want the blue Nuit K28 PHW but have to wait until at least July now bc I
    brought home an unexpected raisin B30 in clemence GHW.
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  3. Has your SA mentioned that that a Barenia C24 is a possibility??!! I've been on an exhaustive search for one for so long, but I thought my only option was a vintage single gusset C23 and it's not as if those are exactly growing on trees. Please let us know if you get any news, I hope all the beauties on your list find you!
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  4. Have you heard any updates about the possibility of a Barenia C24?? I've been looking absolutely everywhere for one and I swear I'm starting to think they're LITERALLY the stuff of legends, lol it's driving me nuts:panic:!!
  5. Thanks, love! I’ll double check with her next week, but I remember she told me it was possible but that they don’t see a lot come by. I’ll keep you updated! Xx
  6. I would love to increase my CDC collection...maybe 3 or 4 this year...I currently only own two (Black & Ombré Lizzie) but want to add more staple colors like Gold (Barenia), Rouge Casaque, Etoupe and Brown. Maybe also increase my silks but one thing at a time:biggrin:
  7. Just revising my 2019 wish list:

    decided against a B30 gris Asphalte as it did not look great on me
    my H fairy managed to source a Kelly Cut in black Swift GHW - love it!
    still hoping for the B30 fauve Barenia, GHW :heart:
    replacing the Gris A wish with a B30 Togo GHW in Craie - so happy that it is said to return next season! :heart:

    hope you all had a good H-year so far. :smile:

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  8. Craie is coming back?!
  9. Girl, I have no clue lol. I’ve been out of the loops for the last 2 months because “ban island”... BUT... if Craie is back I will be so excited. White is not my strong suit but craie is so beautiful and would totally be worth it to have 1 white bag. I much prefer craie over Beton. So thank you for sharing!!
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  10. +1 on craie over beton!
    I would love, love, love a B30 in craie, even if it is just for spring/summer and nice weather (and clean hands and... haha). It is such a beautiful color! So let's keep our fingers crossed, I'll check back with my SA next month and keep you posted.
  11. This did not age well !
  12. Hi,
    Do you mean ostrich doesn’t age well? Hope not coz I just placed my SO in bicolor ostrich!
  13. #179 Oct 20, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
    Haha no not at all. I have not received my ostrich SO yet, but I can’t wait to get it! My comment was more about the fact that the bags I got this year differed substantially from my wish list.

    I ended up getting:
    B35 etain PHW
    Roulis 23 Beton PHW
    Mini Kelly Gris Asphalt GHW
    Kelly Cut Anemone PHW!!
  14. Well I sure am glad you clarified that because TeeCee77 's SO ostrich is widely anticipated by pretty much the entire forum and quite fabulous. Ostrich is SO special!!
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