SMs back from Podium

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  1. Have some SS20 color intel.

    B25 Togo colors:
    Bronze Dore
    Bleu Nuit
    Gris Etain
    Vert Maquis (seasonal color)

    B/K Ostrich colors:
    Vert Titien
    Bleu Indigo
    Terre Cuite

    B25 Matte Alligator colors:
    Rose Shocking

    B25 Shiny Nilo Croc colors:
    Bleu Baltique
    Rose Pourpre
    Vert Rousseau

    B25 Shiny Poro Croc colors:

    Mini Lindy offered in many ostrich colors

    Can assume other sizes have same color options. Also, availability depends on what stores have ordered from this selection.
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  2. Thanks for the info! Looks like no reds, pinks or purples in Togo, how interesting!
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  3. That's great info! Thank you!!!
    I wonder if Bronze Dore is metallic??
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  4. oh my god ! its been years since we saw metallic bronze...been on my wish list for such a long time....excited!!!
  5. 84A4A48E-B31E-4056-941C-8BDFE1AD0274.jpeg
    upper leather is Togo in vert rosseau
    Lower leather is Togo or Clemence (sorry not sure about that and always mix up these two) in vert cypress
    VC is a bit lighter than VR. And if you have a very close look you can see that the stitching of VR is a little blueish
    DB0CB4D9-A17A-43CD-B6DE-F5E6462B873C.jpeg 30F06AE2-0FE8-4425-B27C-11182E77990C.jpeg
  6. Thank you! Looks like VR is a great alternative to VC. Love your 24/24!
  7. Your 24/24 is dreamy!
  8. Are these colours offered for b30 as well? Thanks
  9. Did not check B30 options but I would assume colors offered in one size are offered in all sizes. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.
  10. Thank you so much for the info!
    Does anyone know when this buy occurs? Sm goes to Paris to order from this list in December?
    @Meta @periogirl28
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  11. I think this buy is completed. It was around September.
  12. Thank you! Do you think Kellys will come in same colors?
  13. The SM went to podium in July for Spring/Summer 2020. They'll go in January for Fall/Winter.
  14. Oh. Darn. Thank you ladies!
  15. Sorry I should clarify that by Sept/ Oct the stores should receive confirmation of what they are actually going to get from the orders placed with Paris in summer. Some orders are cancelled or cannot be fulfilled exactly or do not go into production. So by now they know what to expect for S/S 2020 for their stores. HTH!
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