What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. Aw, sweetie, I KNEW you would approve!!!
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  2. I am extremely happy with what I have but would love to add K25 sellier in lizzard or ostrich - undecided on the colors :P
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  3. If I don't get another bag at this point, I'm already quite happy with my small collection. My wishlist though for 2019 would be:
    B30 Gris Tourterelle Clemence PHW/RGHW
    K28 Blue Paon Retourne Chevre PHW
    K25 in any dark pink color, Sellier PHW
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  4. Chanel no bueno , no stock .
    Louboutin no bueno , all have metal studs .
    Hermès guy showed me a couple of interesting options, but said my idea of a black one with man-city blue inside wouldn’t happen .
    The one that opens out 3 ways is the smallest so that’s top option upto now .
  5. I wish to get a 25-cm purse, birkin or kelly sellier.
  6. 2002 wallet black
    double sens with shoulder strap SS19 black suede
    so kelly 26 black
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  7. Kelly 28 retourne in red or orange
    Perhaps some sandals
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  8. Jige duo wallet in blue iris ostrich
    Calvi card holder in ostrich
    SO Carre d'assise low stool in rouge H to turn up
    And toying between a Kelly 40 Lakis vs HAC 40 for my next SO
  9. -B25 or 30 smooth Barenia fauve, either color hardware
    -Raisin box Kelly, either color hardware
    -K25 retourne in Vert Cypres or Gris Asphalte GHW
    -B25 Vert Cypres GHW
    -SO 1: Blue Hydra chèvre with Blue Paon interior BGHW
    -SO 2: Rose Pourpre chèvre with anemone interior BGHW

    If I had to guess, I think I’ll only see two of these bags. One SO (hopefully) and either the third or fourth items on the list. I don’t know that I’ll ever see smooth Barenia or raisin box but it will be a nice surprise if I do!
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  10. Ultimately I'm wishing for a SO opportunity... but absent that....

    Black togo B30 GHW
    Gris T B25 or 30 RGHW
    Mauve C24 (I think?)
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  11. Black K 28 or 32 Sellier in GHW
    Craie B or K in GHW

    Some pairs of shoes, and some scarves
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  12. Other than satiating my barenia obsession, I'm fairly content on the bag front, other than being on the forever lookout for a smaller crossbody man-bag in a design that tempts me as the Steve Caporal is not currently available on PO. Otherwise, I'm keen to explore the RTW universe a little more with some SS19 pieces.

    - B35/40 or HAC40 in classic fauve barenia (pipe dream!)
    - Steve Caporal in neutral Clemence
    - Leather jacket in concrete with lime accents
    - New style sandals
    - Tete-a-tete 100 scarf
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  13. 2019 wish list for me is relatively modest as I’m new to the H journey and actively saving for my upcoming wedding, but a girl’s gotta live a little right?

    -Clic H in Blanc with PHW
    -Clic Clac H in a bright Blue, undecided on HW or specific color
    -Scarf ring
    -Apple watch band
    -Scarf or CSGM with a cat motif (loved jungle love)
    -Calvi card holder - id like to start exploring different H leathers!
  14. 25 black barenia phw
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  15. Loomy paf booties and a loomy burnou blanket... We're set to start TTC and hopefully will be pregnant before 2020. There's been so many times I've been tempted to pick up some of their baby shoes and scarves but I just feel weird about purchasing any baby items before I'm actually pregnant, like a weird jinx. Fingers crossed I'll be carrying a baby and some orange bags of goodies for the baby before 2019 ends!! Start them off on H young, LOL.
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