What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. Ohhhhhh yessssss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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  2. I am awaiting the following in 2019:
    K25 Rose Pourpre PHW togo
    B30 SO Blue Paon/Rose Tyrien BGHW chevre

    That will probably be it, though in addition, I would like a K25 Sellier and K28 Retourne. Could be Blue Brighton, Blue Glacier, Malachite, Gris T or Etain, all GHW (or RGHW)

    For silks I would like (so far!):
    140cm silk Larubizana le Bouclier de la Beaute in cw03 (green)
    Kachinas giant triangle in cw07 (pink/blue/green)
  3. 2019.....still awaiting two SOs...

    K32 Gris A Togo Retourne w/ Rouge H lining, Toundra stitching, and BGHW

    B30 Blue Hydra Swift w/ Graphite lining, Natural stitching, BPHW

    I would also LOVE...

    Rouge H w/GHW (B or K)

    Smooth Barenia K28 or K32 w/PHW, sellier or retourne

    Vert de Gris w/PHW (B or K)

    Vert Veronese w/GHW B30 or B35

    Raisin Box B30 w/GHW

    (Yes, I’ll be waiting an eternity)
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  4. Vert veronese B is also a dream of mine and Raisin Box B30 with GHW is my ultimate HG!!!
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  5. My 2019 wishlist is quite short!

    -Vert cypress Evelyn (this arrived in store a few days before Christmas but I won't be able to collect it for a few weeks)
    -Roulis 23 in Bordeaux or Prunoir with PHW
    -Rose gold CDC
    -H deco items to add to my newly acquired breakfast cups
  6. B30 in etain
    Jige in a pop color
    Chaine d'Ancre Punk ring in rose gold
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  7. Oh I understand your wish for the K28 in bleu nuit. Same for me. PHW or GHW?
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  8. I, too am waiting for a Bleu Nuit K28. Good to know I’m not alone
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    Hyperventilating and salivating!!!!!!!!!!! (((hugs))))
    In 2019, I am also waiting on your SO hahhahahahaha
  10. Hmmmmm....
    For 2019, I dream of
    a Birkin 30 smooth Barenia, GHW
    a Birkin 30 gris asphalte, GHW
    a Kelly Cut in black, GHW

    And - pretty please - could H start to reintroduce more yellow gold jewelry? I would seriously consider the Medor cuff bracelet in YG....

    Plus, I really like the idea of a) having to jump through less hoops and b) winning the lottery. Hey, a girl can dream, right? :smile:
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  11. PHW for this one
  12. My SO!! - B30 gris agate ostrich with untraviolet interior
    Neo boots
    Jige in a neutral color
    K28 or B30 smooth barenia
  13. I feel lame for saying this but calvi card holder (black and rose pourpre) and Evelyne TPM or PM in black or etoupe. I don't own any Hermes so these would be my first pieces. I'll have to wait a few months though since I just treated myself to a Chanel jumbo.
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  14. In 2019, I would love a K28 in some sort of Orange with GHW and a Roulis, I just don't know what color yet.
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  15. My wishlist is very simple this year:
    -K32 Gold Togo Retourne with GHW or PHW
    -K28 sellier - except my home store only carries these in ostrich or epsom only; Also croc but out of my budget. I am not very fond of ostrich or epsom at this time, so I may need to sit on this for a while.
    -Cashmere coat; I purchased my first one this year and fell in love, I will purchase another one this year if I find one that I love...I doubt that will be too difficult with Hermes :smile:
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