What is your Hermes 2019 Wish List?!?!

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  1. I want a H belt .
    Either toursreg or brushed paladin.
    That’s the big decision...

    I’m also looking for a small card/holder .
    Looking online , Choices upto now are :

    channel foldy thing , ( probably favourite upto now but don’t like the gold bits )

    louboutin foldy thing ( I like the contrasting inside but I need to see if they do one without the 2 studs , or if they’re soft as could be a disaster at work )

    And I’ve seen a few offerings on Hermés website.
    Foldy thing looks good , but need to see how flat it is in the flesh .
    I also want to ask if they can make me one with a contrasting interior. (Expecting a no)
    Also going to look at small envelope .
    and dogon cardholder , but expect the metal thing would annoy me In My Pocket ...
  2. A mini constance. In a nice colour. Just one bag. Without buying all the other stuff. =(
  3. Only two items:
    B30 Gris Tourterelle Togo GHW
    B25 Black Birkin Touch, shiny croc RGHW
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  4. I want to say I want ANYTHING in size 25, Birkin preferred cause I don’t have this size yet. Seeing everyone on IG revealing their 25s makes me so anxious!
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  5. I don't wanna be greedy but B or K in lizard would be amazing :biggrin::biggrin:
  6. here's mine,

    K28 , 32 or B30 barenia (my dream)
    K 32 in gold togo in GHW.

    and I'm done .....:biggrin::biggrin:
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  7. Ok, I’ll play too :wave:

    The top of my list is a B25 Togo or clemence (so rare!) black GHW

    B25 or K25 magnolia or Sakura
    K25 Sellier Barenia or black box GHW :love:
    B25 ebene Barenia (pipe dream i know :crybaby:)

    Maybe, maybe a mini Kelly in croc :loveeyes:

    Oh, and I would Also like to win the powerball!
  8. So....I’m going to put this out into the universe for wishful thinking...black box or black johnathan (per another member’s recent thread) Birkin, 30 cm. Then I think I wil be officially done with my H handbag wardrobe. A girl can dream, right? I’m not picky on the hardware either. I think PHW or GHW can be rocked with both gold and silver jewelry.
  9. At the moment I’m happy with what I have, got my K28 SO sellier last year and even if the B25 is my favourite style I would not be able to refuse if I was offered a fauve barenia/black box K25 or 28. Also guilloche hardware in a smooth leather bag is so beautiful.

    Truth is I have enough bags for everyday needs. Lately I’ve not been craiving croc bags, slgs have kept me happy, but that is the only way to go if I decide to buy more bags.

    Shoes, rtw and 140cm CSGMs are still on my shoppinglist, provided the desigs are perfection. Very very picky nowadays.
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  10. If it is a WISHlist, then I am in love with the vert d'eau croc B revealed by 'ZZZZZZZZ' in the 'Share your 2018 bag offers' thread :love:. I'll have one to go in that colour of skin please...any bag style...
    (I already have a Sauge B and love celadon in pottery... so my adoration of that shade of green is not a new fad... and I am old enough to remember Vert Jasmine... :girlsigh: Sigh.)
    Realistically, I am hoping that my K32 SO blue nuit and rouge grenate interior turns up in 2019.
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  11. K25 in a Jewel colour Togo with PHW
    Kelly Pochette (at this point any colour would do, it’s the one bag that evades me!!)
    Then I would like to say that’s it, I’m done, collection complete but I know myself too well and I really don’t have the willpower to resist the lure of the orange boxes!!
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    Maybe likely :smile:
    This one appeared on CS back in April 2017 but it got sold after a few days (or a week, I can't remember):

    This one I remember they sold this July this year (coz I also posted in the web finds thread), although it was very expensive (but still got sold after a week or so):

    I will let you know if I see one pop-up again :smile:
  13. It's good to be picky, i am starting to feel the same but am also in a happy place as I am very content with my collection now after two and half years of orange transition i.e. frenzy buying :nuts: and re-homing all non H bags. @Serva1 you are my inspiration for barenia bags, I still remeber the day you posted your barenia halzan that caught my eyes and that's how I got to know the leather!

    I still have a small (LOL) wishlist for 2019
    - Smooth Barenia B30 (black), I dont have B in size 30 yet. Not sure if barenia is still available in black.
    - Proc leather B25/30, my store knows about this wish :smile:
    - Kelly porchette in a neutral colour
    - May be another SO (but this time will be ostrisch), currently waiting on a B25 gris asphalte/anemone SO

    Note: I would have loved to add a Black Box K or B, but with London weather, I know I would be too scared to get cought in the rain :smile:
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  14. I am wishing for.....

    K25 gold/Gris asphalt phw
    Cape cod 23mm watch
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  15. Winning lottery ticket to afford everything on the wife’s list. My SA can’t seem to find one for me.
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