Wash your Coach in Washing Machine?

  1. whoa i never knew Coach used monogram lining.

    I have put a bag in the washer and dryer it turned out fine. It was a scribble hobo. It had dirt and blood on it from when i feel because i am a klutz
  2. I bid on this great lime green Coach wristlet a few years back. The photos made it look like it was in great shape. When it got to me, however, the thing was a stinking, filthy mess! The amount I paid was not worth the hassle of getting into an argument over...and I really, really cannot stand the smell of smoke in my bags, so I threw it into the wash figuring I really had nothing to lose. It came out looking new, and smelling so fresh! I was able to carry it, so it worked for me.
  3. Too many different types of fabric! Suede would wash/shrink differently than a jacquard would! ACK! :sad:
  4. Hey, if the bag was beyond hope and about to be thrown out then it was worth trying; I'm glad that it worked out well for you! You should to find apple leather conditioner at the burlington coat factory to moisturize the leather.
  5. Shrinkage generally happens from heat and expecially in the drier.
    Wash cold and air dry if shrinkage is a concern.

    You can also stretch and re-shape it while wet than just let air dry.
  6. Hey 90046
    I have the same purse, color and all, and it is dirty, not as dirty as the one you have before washing, but dirty nonetheless. I have tried everything to get it clean. Did you wash on gentle and what detergent did you use?
  7. wow, great job 90046!!!
  8. my friend stuck her tattersall pouch purse in the washing machine. it had barbecue sauce all over it and various pen marks and it looks completely new now! would i ever do that to my bags? no i'd be too scared!
  9. Years ago When i used to use dooney's, I put one in the washer cause i had bought it from e*ay and the seller didnt tell me she smoked. It faded a tad and the coloring on the leather came off in places. Since then Ive NEVER but any of my Coach bags in the washer. Hand washing only.
  10. Yep.
    Liquid Tide
    Sprayed some Oxy on the really bad parts before I threw her in...and scrubbed at them with a brush (softly....the fabric will pill).

    I had little to lose - $30 eBay investment = no emotional attachment to the bag.
    And, I was happy with the results.
    (It was dirtier than I expected, but I didn't bother to complain to the seller..."dirty" is objective).
  11. I must admit, I was very nervous to wash my signature coach bag in the washing machine. However, I took the risk after spot cleaning it with the coach fabric cleaner to no avail. I washed it on delicate cycle with a few other delicate clothing items. It did clean well! No harm done. I allowed it to air dry. Please note: this was not my first coach bag. It is my 6th.
  12. I wouldn't go near the washing machine or the tumble dryer with any of my bags. I wouldn't want to risk them being damaged. If they need a clean, take them to a dry cleaners. Even if they don't clean it there, they'll send the bag off to a specialist cleaners. If you decide you're going to try cleaning them yourself anyway, then I say do so at your own peril! But please let us all know the outcome either way!
  13. Great to hear it! Hope you stick around, this board is a great place to be!
  14. I agree about putting a bag in the washing machine - it makes me break out in hives - I have, however, successfully hand washed the lining of my blue mist Kristin hobo which had some pen marks on the lining - I pulled the lining out of the bag and then washed it by hand with soap and water and then hung up the bag with the lining hanging out of it until it dried - the ink spots allo came out and while there is a slight watermark on the lining you cannot see the ink spots any more - so I was very pleased with the results. You have to really examine the lining to see the watermarks.
  15. i don't have the guts to try this !!