Wash your Coach in Washing Machine?

  1. I've mainly been a lurker here but was curious about your fabric coach bags with leather trim. My friends said that she and her mother washed their coach signature bags (jacquard fabric) in the washing machine on gentle cycle and air dried outside for a few days under the sun. They said it did not ruin the bag, I did see their bags after their "wash" and it seemed to look in tact but would personally I'd be afraid to wash any future Coach bags (planning on Legacy Stripe).
    Has anyone here done this and what were your results?
  2. I have NEVER put anything Coach even remotely near your washing machine. It sounds scary enough just thinking of it, I wouldnt want to risk ruining it. Recommendation to you is to don't it since you never know...
  3. :wtf:
  4. wow...even though their's turned out okay, i would not risk it by doing that
  5. I know some people have washed their non-leather bags in the washing machine. Mostly were buys from evilbay that were awesome buys and just dirty. I would think anything that is non-leather wouldn't have any problem though..only try it if you don't mind accidentally ruin your bag. IMO :tup:
  6. i've put a balenciaga in the dryer. lol. its fine. i dont think i would put it in the washing machine. i would be afraid of fading
  7. i have my first coach coming to me in the mail soon and i wouldn't dare think of putting it in the wash. i'd spot clean if anything but spending so much money on a purse and have it potentially ruined.
  8. That's brave! LOL I'd fear my Bbag would melt like butter in dryer :p
    I'm thinking of Coach on eBay too and this is the reason why I was considering washing in machine as my friend and her mom did too but I think I'm too scared and may just spot clean or take it to professional cleaners if anything. I'd be devastated if something happened and wouldn't want to blame my friend for her tips on cleaning LOL
  9. There are actually GREAT places you can take your bags to get professionally clean. I've heard of them being able to get ink marks out of interiors and all sorts of crazy things! I would try that! If you don't live near one, they allow you to ship the bag to them for cleaning!
  10. I would never put my bags in the washing machine.
  11. I think Bag Fetish mentioned washing one of her bags in a machine. Maybe a sig or scarf/scribble print?
  12. I would be scared to try that.
  13. Just reading this makes me :faint:!
  14. The only bag I threw in the washing machine was my scribble hobo and it turned out great. I would be too scared to put anything else in the washing machine.
  15. Maybe ten-twelve years ago I actually put an all leather Coach makeup case in the washer. The lining had gotten pretty yukky, so I figured it couldn't hurt. It came out great! Mind you it didn't look new, but it did give the leather a "washed" vintage leather appearance.

    I gave myself the award for creating the first washed leather bag. :roflmfao: