Vert Thyme Day -- modeling pics and close ups

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  1. the day style looks really good on you, and such a nice color!
  2. i didn't say keep it :supacool:
  3. pretty!
  4. Exactly what is happening to my EB, it is not as thin as it used to be. My VT was thick & stiff & now at least the back is very soft. For this reason alone, I don't know how to give up my bags. :confused1:

    My Sahara Day came to me with dry(in fact the whole bag was dry to touch just that the handles are more dry) leather on the handles. After multiple use, the leather is not as dry. I am also beginning to like my Sahara Day, it is great esp when I am in all black. I just love to break my all black attire that way now.
  5. What beautiful textures, Looks so soft:smile:
  6. Oh my... that's such a gorgy! congratulations. I hope to own one someday :smile:
  7. Looks good drati! I like the thought of keeping her! ;p
  8. True. :s You didn't comment either way but you did say that yoda was looking good. I admire your discipline when it comes to bags. :yes:

    The Sahara handle is doing fine so far. I think. Sometimes it's difficult to notice gradual change when you use a bag a lot. I'm spraying it every few weeks. So far I haven't used LMB for handles but I'm thinking of getting some. I'm actually more concerned for my rouille handles since I handhold that city more than the Sahara day (mostly carried on shoulder).
  9. :nuts: Is that really true?? I haven't had the chance to use 1 Bbag consecutuvely since my collection keeps evolving, but if it is true, I can't wait to break in each and every one of them!! I love the VT Day on you, is your decision final on returning that beauty?:graucho:
  10. The leather looks very dry & distressed to me and I wouldn't keep it! I'm not confident of how the leather will soften in a short time and also the distressed part!:sad:
  11. Thanks Nada, for your comment on the leather.

    Funny thing is, it looks like it should be dry but it's not at all dry! Not one bit. That's why I can't figure out how this leather is going to change over time. It's not a matter of moisturising it, my guess is adding moisture wouldn't change it much at all. I'm intrigued.
  12. ah. but that's cos my pocket is not deep enuf, you see ;)

    oh what spray are you using? don't recall reading about it or i might've forgotten to ask. yes, i think you may want to protect rouille city's handles regularly. i tend to handcarry my city as well. i tried LMB for handles and i suspect it stained my city's handles a little. it could be that i didn't do enuf preparatory work before applying it. guess there's always a risk, even for tried and tested products. i thought apple care was more superior in this area but you should check the care & feed threads for any new reviews :yes:

  13. Oh, really! Yeah, e pics show it's very dry! I believe u need to do many repeated times of moisturising (maybe twice a week) and it'll take a rather long time for the leather to break-in! If u really dun like it so much then u should return it, that's IMO!!
  14. dupe post!
  15. the black day looks yummy. as for the VT, it needs a lot of moisturizing if you decide to keep it!