Vert Thyme Day -- modeling pics and close ups

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  1. The vert thyme looks great on you!
  2. Your bag looks lovely! :love:

    I love the colour and it looks so good on you!

    Are you really gonna get rid of her?:sad:
  3. so pretty. :smile:)
  4. Jo_ee, was it your magenta that was very dry and you had to keep moisturising and only getting mediocre results? I cannot remember now if it was you.

    I don't like the idea of starting out with leather that's less than perfect. My rouille was a little dry but moisturising has helped and she's fine now. But she wasn't veiny like this vt!

    I'm still tending towards returning her (haven't sent her off yet) but it's lovely to read all these positive comments about the colour and how it suits me. :jammin:
  5. I'm using what I can get here locally, Warproo, some other European brand, even Mr Mint spray. All the sprays work fine and have not changed the colour or feel of the leather in any way. But I am not sure spraying is enough protection for handles.

    I hadn't heard of darkening with LMB. I think it makes sense to use a product that is worked INTO the leather handles rather than something sprayed on top. I'm sure the spray gets worn off the handle really quickly and I don't really want to spray my bags on a weekly basis.

    My pockets ain't so deep either, that's why we have to make these decisions sometimes!
  6. :shrugs: :confused1:
  7. A few more pictures. :smile:




  8. I really love that bag on you! :tup: it looks so good with gray. Is the bag a keeper now?
  9. Last year I ordered a Truffe Twiggy and as soon as I stuck my hand in the dustbag I KNEW it was going back. The leather felt like plastic. It was beyond ugly. I had no second thoughts about it.

    With the o8 leather there have been so many mixed reviews, that I didn't know if I sent it back if a "worse" leather would be sent back in her replace. The VT City is the same as yours - it's not dry at all, it's just SO thick that it makes it not as smooshy or soft feeling as my other bbags. I'm not sure if this makes sense :confused1:

    It sincerely does look really good on you, though :tup:
  10. LOL, you can see I haven't taken the tags off. I haven't used her yet and can still return her but I'm falling in love with it more and more and would really miss it if it went, I think. I'm also starting to realise that the leather isn't actually bad (I have seen pictures of much drier, more veiny vert thymes), just different. If it was dry she'd go back but it's not dry (just the handle, but that's easy to fix) and it will probably actually wear in just fine.

    So, hm, not sure yet but now am thinking more about keeping her. :okay:

    Thanks for your compliment.
  11. Let's hope that these bags wear in really well (might just take some time) and last forever then, OK? :tup:

    Thanks for your sweet comment. :yes:
  12. Congrats.:yahoo: It looks great on you.:tup:
  13. drati, i think you should keep your VT Day!!! it is GORGEOUS on you!!!
  14. I have learnt something. Don't go and take modeling pics and keep looking at a bag you think you are returning. You'll end up :love: her too much to send her away.

    Thanks for all the nice compliments -- I think you're right, she's too nice to send back, despite leather freckles/pen marks (I'm sure AR is right, it's spots in the leather, not pen) and funky leather. :girlsigh:

    Binky, I love your sig, btw. :tup:
  15. looking :tup:, drati. i like the green shade of your cardi. now you just have to cut off the tags and enjoy the bag :yahoo::wlae: