Vert Thyme Day -- modeling pics and close ups

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  1. i love the color :heart: and it looks great on you... i would keep it!
  2. Keep her! The color is such a great neutral alternative to black, brown and beige. Congratulations!
  3. Yes, it does! And it amazes me how the leather is so totally different -- very smooth and glossy and much thinner.

    About the handles, my concern would be that the handle would darken mainly in the middle section, where you tend to grab the day. But I guess a bit of moisturising would take care of it.

    Glossie, do you have any experience with this kind of leather? How does it wear in/change with age?
  4. Oh you all, thanks for your the kind comments! You all seem to think I should keep her and, my, it's getting harder to think about boxing her up and sending her away again.

    Verty, yes, I find that it sometimes takes me a while to get to love a bag. Maybe I should have sent her straight back instead of sitting on the fence. Luvhandbags, I probably will regret it, you're right. :sad:
  5. When I first got this day I thought she had the worst leather. But I'm starting to think that it's just different leather. The bag is stiffer than any of my other bags but she will soften and I'm amazed to hear that yours even took a few weeks to get to where this one is at.
  6. i think its a beautiful bag and looks great on you!
  7. i :heart: this colour in the day style & it looks great on you *drati* ~ you must keep her !! :yes:
  8. ^^^that's what i thought when i got the city "this is has the worst leather ever!" :lol:

    it's difficult to predict how a balenciaga will break in.
  9. In my limited experience they all break in so well! Thin leather becomes thicker (how I don't know but it's definitely happening with my rouille city), stiff leather softens ...

    Verty, so what do you think of the leather on your mum's city now? Will you miss this bag when it leaves you?
  10. it's beautiful!
  11. It looks great on you.
  12. drati - this is gorgeous!! are you sure about selling it?? :P
    it looks great on you!!
  13. that's heartening to know. Decophile assured me so in my Black Box thread. i haven't had a chance to break in any of my 06 bags yet. both the Cornflower First and Black Box are thin and silky but not dry. i just don't use each and every one of them often enuf :shame:

    about the handles (or any other parts of the bag for the matter), maybe you needn't apply any moisturiser directly. what Corey of RDC suggests is that you could rub your moisturised hands over the desired areas. but really, that's where your hands will have constant contact with anyway, so i really won't worry about it at all :yes: as for darkening of handles, what about your sahara?
  14. that's true - i felt my vert d'eau wasnt very thick when i first got it. now it feels SO thick! ...i dont know how it happens either :lol:

    OK, i'm not gonna lie... i wore my mom's vert thyme city for 1 week straight - just enough so that the sides really "slouched" and the handles/strap stretched out. after that i stopped b/c i did feel myself getting attached :crybaby: it's a lovely color, and i got alot of compliments on it (more-so in a short period of time than any of my other bbags :sweatdrop:). it's just a great color that goes with EVERYTHING. the leather is very thick and soft - but not as soft as any of my other bags (but remember i only carried it for a week). it's definitely thicker than any of my other bbags though :woohoo: in fact, my mom could tell i loved it so much (i speak to her on the phone) that she actually offered me the bag... of course i denied the offer b/c that's just selfish :lol:, but the only way i can not get attached to it is to literally NOT use it anymore :P

    sorry that was long... i dont know when to stop :shame:
  15. ^^^ I love hearing stories about balbags, how we use them, our attachment to them etc etc so not at all long -- thanks for sharing.

    So I'm reading between the lines that if you didn't have to pass her on you would have liked using her? Hm, maybe I just have to pack this day up a send it on its way so I don't get attached to it. Alas, you bunch of enablers, not a single person said, yuck, what an awful bag, send her away as quickly as you can. :shrugs: