Vert Thyme Day -- modeling pics and close ups

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  1. Some of you have asked to see more pics of the vert thyme day I am probably going to return. I say probably because the longer I hang out with this bag the more I'm starting to like her. Not sure this is a good thing.



  2. with origan CP


    close up of handle which has lighter coloured and slightly dry leather (the rest of the bag isn't dry at all).


    and finally with its friend, my smoochy soft F/W 07 black day.

  3. Gorgeous! The leather looks yummy, not at all as "stiff" as I imagined when seeing a work in VT? Lovely bag!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The leather is a bit stiff because it's thick but it's already starting to soften. It's very textured though, but not dry. None of my other bags are like this. At first I didn't like it at all but I am slowly getting used to this quirky yoda bag.
  5. ^i think the dry handles should be the least of your concerns, honestly. the moisture from your hands will fix that over time. yoda looks good! oh-oh :P

    (and origan looks very warm next to yoda)
  6. Its a lovely colour..neutral can go with lots of things! you should keep it
  7. I think this bag is hot! You should keep it because if you don't you will probably wish you had!! :tup: Great color!
  8. Your Day looks like a good size and a great fit on the shoulder. I'm having my 1st Day soon. Eagerly waiting...
  9. I like VT on you, it is a GORGEOUS green!!! You DO need green. & your VT Day is so soft, my City is such a stiff piece when I got her, took many weeks to look like yours now. & glossie pointed out what I wanted to say...origan looks reallly warm next to VT.
  10. I really like it on you drati.
    Are you sure you want to sell it?
    Why don't you give another chance?
  11. I'm loving the color and a big fan of the day!
  12. i think it's beautiful, and you look really great wearing it :jammin: i like how the thicker leather panels w/the HW have different leather than the rest of the bag - it gives off a cool vintage vibe.

    i dispised the city i recieved at first... and it slowly started growing on me. funny how balenciaga's do that. it'll be going to it's "mommy" next week, though :P

    eta: i love your black day! the distressing looks rad!
  13. It looks great on you ... I'm starting to like that color!
  14. that is such a gorgeous color!
  15. That's a beautiful bag and great leather!
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