Vert Thyme Day -- modeling pics and close ups

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  1. How are you liking your bag, drati? :jammin:

    Sorry, didn't get pics from my Mom - she's back home now... not that she would have let me taken her picture anyway :lol: there's no way!
  2. The bag is probably less bluish IRL than in the pics here. It has a bit more yellow in it. But it's def subdued green, not bright, easy to match. Like you I found it very difficult to get a sense of the colour from photos -- it seems extremely difficult to photograph accurately. Did you see the second lot of modeling pics I posted on p 4 of this thread? Those are pretty close to vt IRL. Also remember that leather texture can change how the colour looks and there's probably difference between different batches.

    Verty, I'm enjoying her, funky leather and all. Def a yoda bag (even the texture, LOL) and what's not to like about yoda? Shame about you mum, I bet she looks great with hers.

    I've just come back from traveling through Singapore and saw the most gorgeous vert thyme courier there. I was sooo tempted, esp since the courier is well priced in SG compared to other styles. The leather was just beauitful, very different from my bag, not as thick and smoother but still with texture. But since I already have the day reason prevailed and I walked out without it. :hrmm:
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