Vert Thyme Day -- modeling pics and close ups

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  1. glossie is right!!! just cut off the tags & enjoy the bag.

    drati, the fact you went around taking so many modelling shots must mean you have a soft spot for miss VT.
  2. Beautiful bag! Thank you so much for the modeling pics, you made me realize Thyme would be a very useful color for me. Enjoy your yummy addition!
  3. looks gorgeous on you!! i think you should keep it. :smile:
  4. drati... i've come to realize that this bag isnt going back, is it? :lol:
  5. keep it! it's sp pretty
  6. :roflmfao:

    Ahem, perhaps not.

    I think I'll just let the *post for return by this date* day slip by quietly and then, oops, I'll have to keep her. :shrugs:

    Glossie and pink, I'm not sure I'm brave enough yet to snap the tag. :shame:
  7. It really is a lovely green, soft and light, not too bright, still neutral and enough *vintage looking* it'll age well. I think I've just sold a bag to myself. :P

    It was the leather that I wasn't sure about, I've always liked the colour. But because the leather isn't dry I think it'll age well and the veiny look actually goes well with the colour. It gives it some variation and life, almost an organic look. Like leaves.

    :girlsigh: I just took the bag out again to look at and feel and man, she's so much softer already and I really do like her. :love:

    Thank you all again for your encouragement.
  8. I did it. You all knew, right? :P

    Tag is off and I carried her yesterday. Love the colour, love the day, will enjoy this bag. :yahoo:
  9. drati! :yahoo: I'm so glad you kept her! The Day style was really made for you! You carry it so well. And I love, love the VT on you :tup:
  10. Yay, drati :jammin:

    I know what you mean about the leather. Trust me! But the color is just SO gorgeous it's hard to send back - plus it looks fab-oooh-lous on you :yahoo:

    You know what a coincidence, VT City is going to her mommy today, so both Vert Thymes are recieving "permanent homes" today :lol:
  11. Thanks binky! And to think I was so reluctant to try the day style. I never thought I would love it as much as I do. :tup:

    Verty, thanks. :blush: Do you think you could persuade your mom to share a modeling pic of her with the bag? Please? :flowers:
  12. Yoda Bag!! I LOVE IT!!

    I think the color is gorgeous. IMHO, I would keep it.
  13. Everytime I see this bag, I get more and more tempted to get one, the texture of the leather is just soooo beautiful:drool:
    But I'm a bit confused about the the color, some of the pics I've seen of other bags in the same color have seemed a bit darker?
    Are your pics true to the color IRL - a silverish/greyish green?
  14. glad you took the plunge to cut off the tag and carry her. the VT day looks great on you! :tup:
  15. Nice bag! Congrats! VT looks really nice on you!!! Enjoy her!!!