This forum is dead, does anyone still get crazy over Kooba?

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  1. Seems like we're all in pretty much agreement...Kooba has changed and not for the better. Their older lines were amazing! I've moved onto Botkier and RM...
  2. I think I'm both unlucky and lucky, in that I never experienced the original Koobas, so I have no idea what the older quality was. I have maybe 10 or 11 designer bags, but my two Koobas (Metallic Leopard Natasha and Purple Amber) are still my favorites.

    I will say, though, that I notice some bags really are flimsy. I like the lines and colors of a lot of the current bags, but when I touch them, they don't feel nice. I think the Amber had thicker leather than some, which is why I liked it. I do kind of want a suede bag now too.
  3. i'm wondering if there's a way that we could let kooba know how we feel? there are other brands (botkier to name one) that really DO want to know how we feel and they address issues, you think it's worth trying?
  4. They used to monitor this subforum, but I don't think that is happening anymore.
  5. Yes, we once had an "Ask Kooba" thread, but it fizzled out, probably due to lack of interest. Sadly this place just doesn't hop anymore.
  6. I think Ask Kooba came in convieniently around the time they were pushing the anniversary edition. They wanted to flair up some interest. When they saw most of us original posters were not interested in their newer cheaper remakes of famous Koobas, they scooted on their way. I didn't get the idea that they ever were interested in real interaction with us.
  7. I have to agree with you Lexie, I think 'Ask Kooba' was merely there to try and boost Kooba sales, but with their poor offerings, it just didn't work and we all deserted. Very sad but at least we have some good old days to look back on with fondness. I think one of the highlights was definitely Tony Blair holding a black Marcelle, thanks to Halzer.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, I think that all vendors no longer are allowed to post on TPF. But when they could do so, I didn't get any sense of real interest from the "Ask Kooba" poster, just a sense of advertising.
  9. Ah the forum IS dead (as was I, the past few months) and I am still crazy about Kooba, don't get me wrong! I only go for the classic vintage bags now, I DO NOT like the new ones at all and will look at it from time to time but there is nothing that interests me. Also, the only Kooba I am on the hunt for is really, in all honesty, the Brynne. I love my Paige and still haven't worn it as much as I'd like.
  10. It's all about the leather... Kooba please go back to your old leather suppliers! The designs were simple and edgy before their time. Kooba's leather quality elevated them from comparable brands. Now they are like everyone else and there's a lot of choices out there for discerning customers. :ninja:

    I know Kooba says their customers thought their leather was heavy, but they should go over to the 'bay and see how much the "oldies but goodies" sell for and are much coveted! :noggin:
  11. No kidding! I was in a bidding war for a Renee last night and lost it because I didn't realize that it would go so high! :nuts:
  12. Ok, I'm lame and haven't posted my pictures yet, but I have to say... I have Katy in 3 colors and LOVE them. All of them. I carry them more than any of my other bags.
  13. Yeah, it's been dead for quite a while now with the rare spurt of activity.

    As far as I know, tPF put the kibosh on all designers in all forums.

    Did anyone else notice that once the leather changed and all the complaining was going on...many retailers stopped carrying Kooba? AND...all the members only sites like Ideeli, etc. no longer have Kooba sample sales. I always figured that was Kooba punishing us for complaining rather than the sites (Ruelala, etc) not wanting to carry them. Hell, even Bluefly wasn't carrying them for the longest time and the same Cameron and a stud wallet was all there was. Now there are finally some Koobas...but I find all but the India I purchased completely unattractive.

    I've still rented new K's when BBOS gets them...but for the most part all have gone straight back after my hands touched the leather. Bleah. A pity, because several of the styles have appealed to me but the leather obviously (and price) has not.

    Ah well....
  14. I saw a Nicole I kind of like but it was from 2007. Good or no? (What year did the quality start going down?)
  15. Around 2008