This forum is dead, does anyone still get crazy over Kooba?

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  1. need at least all of your black Koobas!
  2. While I still have quite a few 'vintage' Kooba bags, I hate to say I still haven't bought any new Koobas except for the India, whose leather really is great - crinkly black with just a tiny hint of sheen to it.

    I still rent them on occasion when BBOS has them to check out the leather but to be honest, most go right back in the box and back to BBOS. Even my husband chimes in on the leather, finding the differences quite noticeable.

    I may check out the Caitlin based on Nunnla's November post though.
  3. Compass Rose:
    Haha - very true! However, I also need a larger house to store them!! Hee hee! ;)

    KoobaMe: I love the Caitlin too! But alas, slap my hand yet again. Btw, how is the leather on the red Elisha? I would consider replacing my black Devin with a red, but want to make sure the leather is just as silky as the black leather.
  4. I checked out the new Koobas in Bloomingdale SF last week, the leather and quality is much improved, really beautiful.
  5. Anxious to see how active this subforum will become again, now that Kooba has been sold. If the new people ever monitor this forum, they'll understand just what real Kooba fans want in a bag....if they truly care.
  6. Well. for Fall 2011 they sure have some great bags in store. From what I understand, the design team is the same and they have been addressing issues like freshness and the weight. As a retailer, I am optimistic! Spring 2012 will be the the first season created entirely under the current corporation.
  7. Still monitoring the Kooba site, so I'll be anxious, too!
  8. Zoey Bloom - what do you think they mean by "weight"? Bringing back the old school leathers? One can hope! :happydance:
  9. Should have said that they were lighter weight.;)
  10. This is how I feel about it....all the alumni Kooba owners out there will probably be disappointed in most of the newer lighter weight flimsy leather and cloth bags that Kooba may come up with. But anyone who is new to Kooba, say from this point on, just may like what Kooba comes up with because they haven't experienced the fine workmanship and quality finishing touches that Kooba used to have. So, it should be interesting to see what Kooba can come up with that can be original using materials that don't match up to their older standards.
  11. Good Post Rose. At this point Kooba is just spitting out inferior products trying to call them new and exciting. And while someone who never knew Kooba way back when, may find them acceptible, us old timers know that Kooba already hit their peak in 2007 and have been on the decline since. The bottom line is it's going to "cost" too much for them to use those high quality materials and still make a good profit and they know the brand will never be accepted as a high end bag to make them able to charge 800-1000+ per bag.
  12. Hey, Lexie! I think that if Kooba could manufacture anything similar to the quality they used to have, I have no doubt they'd be in the range you mentioned. There'd be no way that you can buy a bag of the older quality for under $1000 today. I'd say they should even make the $1200 to $1500 range from what I've seen of bags in that price range today.
  13. I think you might be right with the old Kooba fans not embracing newer designs but I didn't say they were flimsy either, you'll have to wait and see. They have to move on to new styles those old ones are fast becoming stale! Just my opinion.
  14. Yes.....we will just have to wait and just see what Kooba comes up with. It should be interesting. Maybe they will have a nice price drop to entice new buyers.
  15. I was at Bloomies the other day and fell in LOVE with a new Kooba. This is the first one that I have purchased in probably 3-4 years. I bought the Tegan in Blue, which has a gray/purple undertone. It is amazing! Yes, the bag is MUCH lighter than my other Kooba's (Brynne, Sydney) but the leather is fabulous! It is still a great quality leather, not too thin by any means. I am totally in love!!