This forum is dead, does anyone still get crazy over Kooba?

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  1. There doesn't seem to be much interest in Kooba handbags in this community anymore.
  2. Yep. :popcorn:
  3. I am looking at the green Jordan.... I heard it was really heavy. Can't tell if it's too "fuddy duddy"???? Old lady-ish?
    It's on ebay, but for over 500.00!
  4. I don't think it's old-ladyish at all! I kind of like the Jordan.
  5. Newbie here with my first post to TPF and I had to start in Kooba. I have one (so far--bear with me, the purse addiction hit only recently). I have no clue of its age or style name as I stumbled over it stuck in a back rack at a consignment shop and paid a whopping $15 for it. It's heavy heavy dark brown leather, abouit 11 x15, single strap with distressed bronze studs and buckles. Bronze-ish name plate inside and out, dark green suede interior (spotless). Having read through the messages here, I'm taking that this is an older Kooba? It's heavy and the leather creaks wonderfully.

    I love the looks of the Sloane (learned that from eBay and BagBonanza) but I've not meet one in person yet to know if it has the weight and understated edgy gorgeousness of my ($15) Kooba.

    Is there a repository of photos/data on Kooba somewhere?

    Thanks, and nice to 'meet' you all!
  6. Okay, went through the photos here (duh, Linnea... look before asking) and my Kooba consignment shop find is a Virginia. Woot!
  7. This is the Kooba that I think is a Virginia that I found at the consignment shop. It had one rivet missing which I replaced with a bronze 'paw' button (my cats approved). Other than that it's in terrific condition.

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  8. How charming and cute! Where did you ever find that? What a great idea!
  9. I've been captivated by a couple of Kooba's but never purchased one until today. I like the Bryce but not the green or purple that I've seen on NM website, so when a Taupe showed up on Bloomies this morning decided to give it a try. I should probably mention I only shop sales except on very rare occasion. Looks like a good size not too small or too big either. Nice neutral color, interesting details. Anybody have or like the Bryce?

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  10. Hi Azure, I found it stuffed in the back of the purse rack at the local Plato's Closet consignment shop (I hope it's not a violation of TOS here to mention the store). They have a HUGE purse section, often quite messy, and one has to dig (that's half the fun, isn't it?) .

    Oh, do you mean the paw button? At a sewing and crafts store. They had tons of buttons. I first went to their leather and purse craft section looking for rivets/studs, and found nothing I really liked. Just on chance I breezed the button section and saw the paw! The color match is almost perfect. At some point may get it fixed with a real (or close as possible) rivet but for now I like the paw.
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  12. I just won a white NWOT kooba on ebay, but don't know the name of the style! I hate that!!!
    I cant figure out how to upload the pic, so here is the description:
    double shoulder straps, 2 zippered horizontal pockets on both sides, 16 wide and 14 tall. extra leather pieces wrap the bottom. Hobo style. Brown interior .
    Any ideas?
  13. Is it this one?

    I don't recognize the style, but at least this way, there is a photo. :smile:

    Good luck!