This forum is dead, does anyone still get crazy over Kooba?

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  1. I have about 4 Kooba bags. Loved them. I just got a billie and looking at a millie. I admit they aren't as eye catching as they use to be but did u guys totally give up on Kooba? I can't even find anyone talking about the millie.
  2. It's true...dead as a door nail! I adore my 6 vintage Kooba bags but the newer designs and somewhat flimsy leather just don't have to same appeal for me. I have moved on to other bags but I'm trying to limit my purchases at this time. I'm glad that you still find them to be a bag that you are interested in and enjoy.
  3. oh wow:sad:. I saw the kooba Millie on sale for like $250. Its nice. a lil plain. I wasn't sure wether i shoukd get it or just 4get it.
    I wonder what bags everyone has moved on to. I did purchase a rebecca minkoff darling last year that i really like. But am not inlove like i was with my kooba's. I have a few hype bags. inexpensive, nice leather depending on which bag.
    not feeling treesje at all.
  4. I used to be a Kooba gal but now have moved on to Rebecca Minkoff. I have about 10 RMS. I am now moving on to various designers as RM is no longer made in NY and her designs have lost that timeless classic feel for the last few seasons. I'm leaning toward Botkier but have not bought one of them yet. I agree with Treejse, just too much for me. I fell in love with Kooba with the Mia, bought an olive suede Sloane which I love and and a rose Charlie which was the bag that ruined Kooba for me. It turned a brownish color, had really thin leather and no suede lining! I have seen one or 2 Koobas that I might consider but nothing that grabbed me enough for me to say "OH I have to have that bag!"
  5. It's sad, isn't it? I have a Jessie and Sienna and I will never give them up. I think the last bag that was worth the money for me was the Lola, and if I could find a brand new one that's never been used, I'd buy it, but I think those days are long gone.
  6. I have one Kooba- a Cameron in pink metallic python-embossed leather. I have used it maybe only a couple times since I bought it in the spring of 2009 but definitely like it; I just have been rotating through other bags.

    In August this year, I actually packed it on vacation with me to Orlando, South Florida, and the cruise to the Grand Bahama Island; however, I still managed not to use it and used my other everyday purse instead. The only time it got attention was when I was leaving from the Fort Lauderdale airport to home, TSA thought it could have been a weapon in my suitcase and had to spend a while to go through my suitcase extra carefully. It turns out that the heavy piece of hardware on the front was what they thought might've been it, lol.

    I like their Blair and Lola and even was going to buy them after contemplating for months before I decided that their biggest features were too similiar to my other bags.
  7. I haven't been around here at all for the past year and a half (new house and new puppy are taking up most of my time & money). But I still go through waves of buying classic Koobas. Oddly enough, I still own a smooth black Sienna, a tan Chiara, a black Lucy, a black Brynne, and have a metallic army Sienna on the way. I never got into the new Koobas and don't think I ever will... But the classics remain in my heart.

    I still regret selling my silver Lucy and olive Sienna... Oh well!
  8. Woweee! This sounds pretty fabulous!!
  9. I still look to see what bags they put out ... I am loving their new monroe tote though
  10. Those 2 bags are my favorites of all time, particularly the Jessie. I also have a Jessie that I won't part with.
  11. I just randomly bought a linea pelle tuesday night. don't even know i'll probably return it when it comes. not excited about it, but needed a cognac bag.
    i do like the deep rich colors the Kooba Maggie, Audrey & Jordan come in..but not necessarily the styles
  12. I bought my first and only Kooba last month on Ebay--a black Sloane in perfect condition. This is one big ol' heavy tote! NagaJolokia, made me laugh that TSA thought your Cameron might have been a weapon! Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying out the Sloane as a work tote. I think the straps are cool! BTW, how's $177 as a price for this bag?
  13. I still love's the only designer I search for on ebay..

    I own 2 Vintage, one the most gorgeous brown with striped lining/ the other a purple handheld number with cute bows..

    I also own 2 Sienna's, one the original with the signature lining, the other a Nutmeg.
    I currently wear a metallic Jasmine, which is a perfect size for me.

    My oldest daughter has the same original Sienna.
    My middle daughter (18) has a metallic brown Carla
    Both get major compliments on these bags every time they wear them!

    I love Kooba, but have no experience with the newer lines.
  14. I used to frequent this forum when Kooba bags rocked, but not anymore. However, I still have a few classics:

    3 Jessies - Java, black and khaki (black and khaki are still new)
    2 Paige - Java and black (my most used Koobas)
    1 Lena - black
    1 Taylor - Mocha/Champagne
    1 Sienna - olive (new with tags, unused)

    I only bought the black Paige and black Lena recently, and love them. I find the Paige particularly good for air travel because it can be overstuffed with duty free goodies. :graucho:

    Unfortunately I've no interest in the new Kooba styles, hence little to talk about on this forum :sad:. It used to be a fab place with plenty of Kooba followers. I really miss the old days!
  15. Kooba is my first designer love.

    I signed up tPF because of Kooba. I too much prefer classic designs (pre 2008). Not in love with their new designs and new leather.

    I have one Kooba, a honey Lena. Love love love it!